Twelve persons investigated for multiple vote at EP elections

Twelve persons are investigated by police officers for multiple vote on the occasion of the elections for the European Parliament, while over 80 criminal files regarding offences perpetrated during the electoral campaign and on the polls day were finalized, being sent to prosecutors.

According to the Romanian Police, the officers settled 82 criminal cases related with the development of the elections for the European Parliament, all of them being forwarded to the units by the Prosecutor’s Office.

181 criminal cases of offences perpetrated during the electoral campaign and on the day of the elections for the European Parliament were registered at national level, 41 of them were with unidentified authors, the remaining 140 being deeds perpetrated by known authors. Further to the answer received on July 28 from the Permanent Electoral Authority, Police is making investigations in connection with 12 persons who exercised their right to vote twice or more times.

During the electoral campaign, 47 criminal cases were registered by the territorial police units, while on June 7, when the EP elections took place, another 94 criminal complaints were. Then, other 47 notices were also registered. The criminal cases referred to 188 offences. “An important number of notices refers to the deeds of persons suspected of having cast a vote without having the right to vote, or voted twice or more times (78), and also to determining the voter, through various means, to vote for certain lists of candidates (49),” the Romanian police shows.

The quoted source stressed that 99 criminal files have remained in the records now, 25 of them with unidentified authors, and 74 with known authors.

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