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October 25, 2021

Close to 900 tons of algae picked up off Romanian beaches

Nearly 900 tonnes of algae were picked up off Romanian seaside beaches Monday night, with the holiday resort of Mamaia being the most affected. Officials at the Dobrogea Seaside Water Department (DADL) say the phenomenon gathered steam after last week’s Black Sea earthquake.

DADL spokesman Catalin Anton said the phenomenon is ample, with large quantities of algae being found in Mamaia following Tuesday’s monitoring. ‘DADL urges tourists to show understanding and stay out of beaches after 6.00 pm to allow machinery to clean up the area,’ Anton said, who explained that the massive presence of algae on the beach is tied to last week’s quake. ‘Amid the tremor recorded in the Black Sea, the sea water became increasingly agitated, with high waves tearing up sea vegetation and bringing large quantities of algae to the shoreline,’ the DADL spokesman said.

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