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November 30, 2022

Fire at MediaPro studios

A fire started on Tuesday evening in a warehouse belonging to the MediaPro studios in Buftea. According to Oana Marzan, the spokesperson of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU), the fire was quickly put out and there were no victims. The fire was spotted around 8.20 PM engulfing a stage props warehouse of approximately 1,000 square meters. According to Realitatea TV, the fire was allegedly caused by a cigarette. Firefighters from Bucharest and from the Ilfov County battled the flames. At first three ISU Ilfov crews intervened on the scene but subsequently the magnitude of the fire called for four more ISU Bucharest crews. A firefighter was slightly injured during the operation.

The roof of a block of flats located in Iasi’s Nicolina neighborhood burnt almost completely in a fire that started on Tuesday evening. Several apartments situated on the building’s last floor were flooded during the firefighters’ operation. According to the firefighters’ initial investigations, the fire was caused by the actions of a team of workers that had worked on the building’s thermal isolation. The fire quickly spread on the four-storey building’s roof, the flames reaching a height of several meters. The building’s top floor was immediately evacuated and several firefighting crews arrived on the scene. The fire was put out after approximately one hour and a half. There were no casualties.

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