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March 23, 2023

Hrebenciuc: I would believe that Geoana will win from the first round

The PSD strategist and coordinator of the presidential campaign of Mircea Geoana, Viorel Hrebenciuc, declared that, according to the latest opinion poll commissioned by the party, Geoana is rated at 29 per cent of the voting options in the presidential race. According to Realitatea TV, Hrebenciuc declared, when he leaved the PSD meeting of Tuesday evening, that “Geoana is the prototype of President that Romania needs.”

“I discovered the great deception of Basescu. In Transylvania, Basescu takes today two thirds of the Magyars’ vote, but he takes at the same time also the votes of the Romanians. Wherefrom the great ability of the President to cheat all the people. He manages to take in Transylvania the votes of both Magyars and Romanians. In our opinion poll, 34 per cent of the votes go to Mr. Basescu, 29 per cent to Mr. Geoana, while Mr. Antonescu has 15 per cent,” Viorel Hrebenciuc commented.

Hrebenciuc estimated that Geoana’s advantage in the presidential race is “the prototype of president that Romania needs. Five more years with Basescu as president it is too much for Romania. The difference between the two shrinks every day. I would believe that Geoana will win from the first round.

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