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May 16, 2022

Over 50 couples on the payrolls of the two Houses of Parliament

Thanks to the perks enjoyed by parliamentary staff, working at Parliament turned into a genuine family business, as no fewer than 50 couples are found on the payrolls of the two Houses. According to yesterday’s issue of ‘Romania Libera’, 39 such couples are found at the Chamber of Deputies alone, adding to which are 13 at the Senate. There are also married couples where the husband is employed by the Chamber, and the wife, by the Senate respectively. Or the other way around. It therefore appears that work at Parliament unfolds under the logo together both at work and at home. Rodica Ungureanu and Matei Dan are such example. Despite their not sharing the same name they nonetheless shared a joint income of RON 111,000 in 2008, she, as head of the Protocol Department, he, as chairman of the European Affairs Commission in Romania’s Parliament. The Moroeanus are another example of private and professional life happily mingling together at Parliament. The husband, Tiberiu Anatolie Moroeanu, is the head of the Administrative Oversight Department, while the wife, Elena Moroeanu, is a legislative adviser to Liberal Bogdan Olteanu, for whom she also worked when he used to be Chamber of Deputies speaker. In 2008, the two earned a hefty RON 111,000. The examples could go on and on, not to mention the other degrees of kinship – parents-children or brother-sister – working in various Parliament structures.

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