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May 23, 2022

PDL requests the resignation of Ecaterina Andronescu and criticizes Education Code

PDL attacked on Thursday the education minister, Ecaterina Andronescu, whom they accuse of violating the ruling programme and the provisions of the National Pact for Education, Antena 3 reports. The Democrat-Liberal vice president Sulfina Barbu suggested that the Social-Democrat minister should resign for the insult of throwing down the drain the content of the conclusions of Miclea presidential commission and of coming with her own code, considered to serve neither the interests of the parents nor those of the pupils. Sulfina Barbu announced that the governmental responsibility will be assumed over the project of the presidential commission, for which modification proposals will be accepted, not over the so-called Andronescu code.

“The Education Code is outside the ruling programme. Mrs. Minister does not take into account the fundamental provisions contained in the National Education Pact, essential for the reform of the Government, signed and assumed by the ruling and social partners,” Sulfina Barbu warned.

She said that some of the provisions of the Code are in conflict with certain opposite positions formulated by “more vocal” Social-Democrats in connection with the necessity of the decentralization process, and said that it pays lip service to the ruling programme by sustaining such an initiative.

In retort, minister of education Ecaterina Andronescu said that PDL’s accusation that the new code of education is outside the ruling programme and the responsibility will be assumed over the project of Miclea Commission is “meaningless and without substance,” stating that she does not want to turn Education into a “political stake.”

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