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March 6, 2021

Transfusion centre employees protest, too

The employees of blood transfusion centres in Bucharest resumed protests yesterday, unhappy that they no longer receive the bonuses for special work conditions, Mediafax reports. Corina Ionascu, secretary general of Sanitas Dolj trade union, said on Thursday that protests will scale up at country level, as the employees of all 9 perfusion centres in Romania will stage such actions, on rotation basis, once a week.

A doctor working in such a unit declared that employees are unhappy with the small salaries they receive. He apologized to blood donors and asked them to understand that the staff was forced to resort to such a move, in order to warn authorities that it cannot be ignored.

Unrest is present in Oradea too, where the leader of the Bihor sanitary centre, Ioan Giurgiu said that, if demands remain unsolved, employees will start large-scale protests that will result in the blocking of surgical operations and other actions which necessitate blood transfusions.

“Tomorrow (Friday) I will ask the Ministry to solve the situation. Otherwise, we’ll go on a serious protest that may affect the functioning of the whole system, because the lack of blood will make operations impossible. (…) Things will go big and this is just the beginning,” Giurgiu warned.

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