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May 26, 2022

Crin Antonescu: “Romanians need a different kind of President”

PNL Head Crin Antonescu declared on Friday his conviction that Romanians wanted “a different kind of President” who would be able of equidistance and responsibility, and would refuse to “be a circus performer.”

“Unless voters are prepared for a responsible President, they will have a clown in the future. We wanted a circus performer, and we have a circus performer. But I am absolutely sure that most Romanians want something else: a responsible person, who would not be gloomy, or to behave like Vlad the Impaler. Romanians do not want a gloomy person. They want perhaps a merry person, a warm person, willing to communicate, but not a circus performer, because Romania had enough of all these scandals and this entire circus,” Crin Antonescu declared, as quoted by Agerpres.

Moreover, Antonescu overruled the possibility that Liberals would support Mircea Geoana’s candidacy in case Antonescu would be unable to make it to the runoff of the Presidential elections this autumn. The Head of Liberals also proposed a change in the Constitution regarding the institution of the Romanian President, as he stated that some of the stipulations included in the respective chapter of the Romanian law are “less than inspired”.

Antonescu was also the subject of a statement made on Saturday by the Transportation Minister, Democrat-Liberal Radu Berceanu, who claimed Antonescu “is hardly noticeable” in the political landscape. Berceanu also stated ironically that soon, people would read in newspapers the announcement “we lost our candidate and declare him void.”

In response, Liberal Deputy Bogdan Olteanu claimed that Berceanu certainly sought Antonescu in inappropriate places. “I am not sure where Mister Berceanu sought Mister Antonescu. In the Parliament, where he is seeking his investigation committee? At the National Anti-Corruption Department? He would not find him there. Antonescu has nothing to do with investigation committees or the National Anti-Corruption Department,” Olteanu declared.

PNL’s candidate for Presidency attended the Locally Chosen’s League, held this Friday at Brasov. The League gathered over 400 liberal Mayors and Presidents of Local Councils all over the country. The Heads of PNL the PNL County Subsidiaries were advised to have patience and avoid falling in the trap of the governing parties.

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