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January 22, 2021

Despite recession, 376 festivals per month are organized in Romania

Which are the destinations of the public funds? According to data published on the website of the Ministry of Tourism, over 376 balls, festivals, fairs and celebrations are organized all over the country during this August. Calculations made by the newspaper “Gandul” show that 92.1 per cent of the expenses were covered by public funds. Therefore, according to the “agenda of events for tourists,” published by the Ministry of Tourism, only 6.7 per cent were supported by organizations, foundations or parishes, and the remaining 93.3 per cent were organized from the budget of the Mayoralties, Local and County Councils. Both in July in August, Harghita County hosted most parties, festivals and celebrations. This weekend as well, the political leaders – who take advantage of any event as a means to get in touch with voters – spread in various locations all over the country in order to attend various events destined to celebrate St. Mary’s Day.

According to the paper “Gandul,” President Basescu did not attend the Day of the Marine, and preferred instead to visit the Tismana Monastery in Gorj County. The President’s visit also coincided with the day of the Sarsori Forest Fair, that also included a new edition of the Oltenia Folklore Music and Costumes Festival “Tismana 2009.”

Moreover, several rural parties were organized on Saturday, in Gorj, in order to celebrate the Miners’ Day. Yesterday, the President arrived to the Prislop Passage in Maramures, were he attended the “Hora de la Prislop” Festival.

Moreover, Tourism Minister Elena Udrea chose a different route for this weekend: she went to Malini on Saturday, for the launch of the “Drumul Talienilor” project, focused on the restoration of the Malini – Borca Highway, the fictitious route of the novel character Vitoria Lipan, the protagonist of the book “Baltagul,” by Romanian writer Mihail Sadoveanu.

The President of PSD also exploited the opportunity to attract voters, as a member of the jury of the Romanian Beauty Contest at the Callatis Festival.

Under these circumstances, the PDL Vice-President Theodor Stolojan declared in a show aired by Realitatea TV that the Government had made a wrong decision by increasing the budget of the Ministries of Youth and of Tourism, as solidarity is out of the question when certain Ministers are “recklessly” spending public funds on futile ostentatious activities.

On the other hand, PDL Prime-Vice-President Adriean Videanu declared yesterday in a press conference that one could not claim all expenses funded by the Ministry of Tourism were futile ostentatious activities.

“First of all, let us straight things out. One cannot categorize all of these events as futile ostentatious activities. I want to defend no one. I have only one thing to say: How can you promote tourism, how can you promote Romania if you cease organizing events?” Videanu replied.

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