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January 24, 2022


Irish Film Days, at ICR

The Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) announces the Irish Film Days, scheduled to take place in Bucharest, during September 16 – 18, at the Romanian Cultural Institute. According to a press release quoted by Agerpres, the agenda of the event includes two long films: “Kings” by Tom Collins and “Cre na Cille” by Robert Quinn, as well as the “Cinegael Paradiso” documentary by Robert Quinn and a program of short films.

Exhibition of 3-D photographs presenting patrimony objects

An exhibition of 3-D photographs presenting patrimony objects, realized by architect Matei Filip will be presented on September 8 at the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) in Bucharest, Mediafax announces. The exhibition will be organized by ICR in partnership with the National Museum of Romanian History and the museum of the Romanian Railway Company and presents in premiere images and stereoscopic short films made in Bucharest. The exhibition “Knowledge and Promotion by Means of Stereoscopic Photography” will be opened during 12.30 – 22.00.

Alice Cooper show in Finland, canceled due to religious issues

A concert rock legend Alice Cooper was supposed to perform in the Finnish city Tampere this December was canceled and rescheduled in another city, as organizers intended to avoid a conflict with the “Christian policies” of the city, yle.fi announces, as quoted by Mediafax.

The organizers of the show, initially scheduled on December 11 in the Tampere Arena, canceled the show as they wanted to avoid a religious conflict. “Religious groups, such as the Lutheran Nokia Mission, use the Tampere Arena for their events and, due to this fact, the managers of the hall denied Alice Cooper the permission to perform at the same location. The contract we were sent by Tampere Arena stipulates that no artist is allowed to perform there if he “invokes the Evil and the Dark Forces,” music promoter Kalle Keskinen explained.

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Underworld boss Sandu Geamanu detained

Police officers arrested Sandu Geamanu and Tinel Nicolae yesterday, the daily paper Evenimentul Zilei reported. The police officers of the Homicide Department of the Bucharest Police held seven simultaneous house searches in Bucharest, during the investigation of a file, the spokesperson of the institution, Christian Ciocan declared. He also mentioned that the robberies had no connection whatsoever with the theft of Gigi Becali’s vehicle, another offence committed by Nicolae. Nicolae was released in June.

Sandu Geamanu’s specialty is luxury vehicle robbery. He was arrested several times, tried and released.

Ex PM Nastase’s son, left without driver’s licence

Traffic police caught the son of former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase, Andrei Nastase, speeding on the streets of Bucharest’s District 1, Mediafax reported. Andrei Nastase was driving at 141 km/h, while the speed limit in the area was of 50 km/h. The police fined him and suspended his driver’s license, according to legal sources quoted by the news agency. Although initially Andrei Nastase did not object to the penalty, he later on attacked the decision with the Bucharest District 1 Judge Hall.

Murder suspect admits selling sexual favours for breast implant

The Medicine student accused of having murdered a man in Timisoara, Carmen Bejan, confessed she was selling sexual favours in order to pay for her studies, but also because she wanted a breast implant. The statement was made on Monday, in the presence of a prosecutor, Realitatea TV announced. The two students suspected of murder were interrogated separately for almost three hours. Bejan refused to attend a confrontation with Sergiu Florea, claiming that she was exhausted. So far, the two students blamed each other of having committed the murder.

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Becali gains ground in Presidential opinion polls

The opinion polls are revealing a new Presidential contender. According to ‘Cotidianul’ daily, Steaua financier Gigi Becali has a 5-percent lead over PRM leader Corneliu Vadim Tudor and is in a tie with Bucharest General Mayor Sorin Oprescu, another Presidential candidate that is yet to confirm his entry in the race. Oprescu’s possible entry in the Presidential race could be fatal for PNL leader Crin Antonescu, the latter falling on 5th place in an opinion poll conducted by Metro Media Transilvania (MMT) from July 20 to August 10. According to MMT, Antonescu would win 9 per cent of the votes, being surpassed by President Traian Basescu (31 per cent), PSD candidate Mircea Geoana (21 per cent), Oprescu and Becali (12 per cent each). Antonescu surpasses Vadim Tudor (7 per cent), Kelemen Hunor (UDMR) and Prince Radu Duda (2 per cent each). Another poll made public yesterday by CURS showed that Basescu and Geoana rank first in voters’ preferences, at 33% and 27%, respectively. They are followed by Antonescu with 13%. A CCSB poll publicized yesterday and ordered by the Pro Democracy Association shows that over 60 per cent of the Romanians believe that the elections are stolen in Romania.

Antonescu does not rule out an apolitical government

PNL president, Crin Antonescu, declared on Monday that his party is ready to go to rule, even nominating a few personalities that he would like in a future Executive. “PNL is ready to go to governance, although politically we announced that until the presidential elections, at least, we are in opposition,” Antonescu declared in a press conference.

He considers that although it is not desirable, he does not rule out even the variant of a government that would not consist of politicians, and would be headed by a technocrat. Requested to nominate three persons that he would like in a future PNL government, Crin Antonescu recalled the rector of “Babes-Bolyai” University, Andrei Marga, the mayor of Sibiu, Klaus Johannis, and the governor of the National Bank, Mugur Isarescu.

Antonescu stressed that he has not “arranged a government,” he only gave three examples of persons who are not at the top of the political parties, in order to show that there are also other persons that could assume the “leadership, the reformation, the salvation” of some domains.

Criminal complaint against Nastase Cabinet, over Sidex privatization

PDL Deputy Mihail Boldea declared that he filed a criminal complaint with the General Prosecutor’s Office in which he charges Adrian Nastase Cabinet and the Authority for State Assets Resolution (AVAS) of undermining the national economy and abuse of office in the case of the privatization of the iron and steel plant Sidex Galati sold in 2001 to Mittal. “The charges pressed against the responsible factors are abuse of office against public interests with extremely severe consequences and undermining the national economy. It is time to seriously investigate the privatization of the iron and steel plant because it was made in contempt of Galati population. Since the takeover by the Indian management, the plant lost over 15,000 employees,” Boldea declared, quoted by Realitatea TV.

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