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September 29, 2022

INS: Foreign migration doubled in 2008

An analysis of the foreign migration of persons, made for the first time by the National Institute of Statistics (INS), shows that Romania became in the past few years an attractive country for the foreigners who want to settle here. The number of immigrants registered in 2008 (10,030 persons) is bigger by 455 persons than in 2007, according to the daily “Adevarul.”

The number of Romanians who left our country to settle abroad (8,739 persons) is 91 persons smaller than in 2007, shows INS analysis. The positive balance which resulted (1,291 persons) is twice bigger than the balance from the previous year, which shows that Romania offers enough opportunities to the foreigners who remain here. From the point of view of the training degree, the Romanian emigrants are in a much better position than the foreign immigrants. The official statistics show that 33.2 per cent of the emigrants have university education and 42.1 per cent have graduated at least the high school. At the same time, only 25 per cent of the foreigners who settle in our country have university education and 46.3 per cent have graduated only a high school or an equivalent type of education. INS analysis also shows that over half of the Romanian emigrants (52.2 per cent) are aged between 25 and 39, and 13.9 per cent are younger than 24. On another hand, predominant in the structure of the foreign immigrants are the persons aged between 25 and 44, representing 48.5 per cent of the total, followed by those aged over 45 (15 per cent). Most of the immigrants come from the Republic of Moldova (3,476), Italy (1,290), US (581), China (580) and Turkey (566).

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