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December 2, 2022


Nicolo Napoli to coach Astra

Italian head coach Nicolo Napoli has signed yesterday a one-year contract with Astra Ploiesti, a newly promoted League I team. Universitatea Craiova’s former head coach will replace Ion Moldovan.

Nevertheless, the Italian won’t coach the team earlier than Round 5, with Astra’s next game set to be handled by Emil Ursu, Gsp TV informs. The decision to replace Moldovan was taken by club president Ioan Niculae. Players Hristu Chiacu, Cornel Predescu and Silviu Izvoranu (all of them loaned from Dinamo Bucharest) were excluded from the team.

Astra had a poor start this season, winning only 2 points after the first three rounds and scoring no goals.

League 1, leg 4 schedule

Friday, August 21

FC Brasov – U Craiova (18:00)

Rapid – Unirea A. Iulia (20:00)

Poli Ias – Astra (20:30)

Saturday, August 22

Gaz Metan – Ceahlaul (17:30)

Urziceni – Timisoara (19:30)

Sunday, August 23

Otelul – Steaua (17:00)

Gloria – FC Vaslui (19:00)

Pandurii – International (20:30)

Dinamo – CFR Cluj (20:45)

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Court rejects bail for Sabyc clinic head

Court Bucharest decided yesterday that the head of Sabyc clinic, Harry Mironescu, but also his secretary Cecilia Borza, to be detained further on, rejecting their requests for payroll under legal control. The solution passed yesterday is subject to appeal contest with Bucharest Appeal Court. A similar request was rejected also in case of the son of the clinic head, Yair Miron. On the other side, another judge from Bucharest Court decided one day ago to bail Mironescu, aged 70 years, following the payment by him of a collateral amounting to RON 10,000, but the ruling is not final and is subject to appeal with Bucharest Appeal Court. Mironescu, Miron and Borza are detained preventively since July 20 within the human eggs trafficking file. The charges pressed against the three refer to the establishment of a group for offence purposes, organized, along with the organization of the human egg trafficking with the purpose of earning material advantage.

Five children forced to have sex with fashion personalities

Five children, from placement centers from Sector 3 of Bucharest, were forced to make sex with personalities from the fashion world at various parties, according to Antena 3, quoting police sources. The children were lured with money, cosmetics and sweets by three men, one of them a member of an NGO. Police has remanded so far a man aged 41, whose name was not made public.

According to the spokesman of Bucharest Police, Christian Ciocan, the remanded suspect forwarded offers to the Social Assistance Division explaining that he was taking the respective youths to camps.

Distribution of medicines to hospitals and pharmacies disrupted

The Association of Drug Distributors from Romania (ADMR) stopped the deliveries to several hospitals, and especially pharmacies, because of their big debts, most of the major problems being represented by the big number of pharmacies declared insolvent, the president of the association reported. “The debts of the hospitals and pharmacies are very big. I can say that until the end of 2008 the debts of these units to ADMR amounted to around EUJR 400 M,” Viorel Vasile stressed yesterday. The health minister Ion Bazac announced last week that he intends to implement a financial, factoring mechanism through which pharmacies have the possibility to transfer their invoices to distributors, who can discount them in the banking system.

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TSD Cluj offered boat to Basescu, for journey in Africa

The Vice-President of the Social Democrat Youth Subsidiary in Cluj Napoca, Gaston Bienvenu Mboumba Bakabana made yesterday a paper boat based on a bamboo boat pattern. He plans to offer this boat in December to President Traian Basescu, so that Basescu would travel to Zimbabwe with his wife and Elena Udrea, after he would lose the elections, Mediafax informs. Bakabana declared yesterday in a press conference that the bamboo boat will be manufactured by one of his friends from Congo. “The paper boat is my gift to President Basescu, who always showed a great fondness of the sea. I will send him this pattern, and in December, I intend to bring him the bamboo boat presently being manufactured in Africa. The boat will grant him, Elena Udrea, Elena Basescu and his own wife Maria a trip to Zimbabwe, where Robert Mugabe is. That is where he belongs,” Bakabana said. He added that Romania needs a “serious” president like PSD leader Mircea Geoana.

Former PRM Deputy, detained for abuse of office

The Bucharest Court Magistrates decided yesterday to arrest former PRM Deputy Danut Saulea for 29 days, due to charges of abuse of office. The decision is not definitive, and Saulea may file an appeal. According to a press release sent by DNA, Saulea was a Deputy during 2000 – 2004, and at the time being he is a Parliamentary expert of the Defence, Public Order and National Safety Committee in the Romanian Senate. DNA prosecutors detained Saulea on Wednesday, after he was caught in the act of receiving a bribe of approximately EUR 16,000 from a former Orthodox priest, in order to help him acquire a hot in the locality Adunatii Copaceni. Saulea had demanded EUR 50,000 for his intervention beside influential persons that could help the former priest acquire the lot.

Government starts blog worth EUR 1 bln

The Ministry of Communications is presently preparing a webpage that allegedly requires an investment of EUR 1.2 billion on a period of two years, according to the statements of Minister Gabriel Sandu. According to the daily paper “Adevarul” the present web portal www.romania.gov.ro offers no online service and does not provide a version in an international language. The Ministry of Communication also declared that the eRomania project represents an “important means of implementing a governing strategy.” More precisely, it is a “coherent” and, most of all “user-friendly” interface that grants communication between the public administration and the citizens.

Moreover, Vlad Tocae, the owner of Romnet, a site development company, also declared that, at its present stage, eRomania required no more than EUR 4,000. The money was mostly used for structuring information and the payment of author rights. The information is not definitive yet and, according to announcements made by Minister Sandu, will be completed by the end of the year.

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Bulgaria’s central bank governor resigns

Bulgaria’s central bank governor, Ivan Iskrov, submitted his resignation to parliament on Thursday, saying the new government had the right to pick a new person for the post, the parliamentary press office said. In May, the previous parliament re-elected Iskrov for a second six-year term before his mandate expired on Oct. 9 and some legal experts had said the early vote, in breach of central bank law, might allow the next parliament to challenge the appointments. The new centre-right government of the GERB party, which won a July parliamentary election, has criticised the early vote and indicated it might replace Iskrov. But the parliamentary press office said Iskrov, praised for his conservative approach to policy and securing financial stability for the Balkan state, wanted to be dismissed as of Oct. 10 when his new mandate was due to begin. The previously ruling Socialist-led coalition pushed ahead early with the vote and also elected Nikolai Nenovski as deputy governor in May to cement its appointees at the bank before the July elections.

“Poiana” factory in Brasov to be closed

Kraft Foods, the biggest internal producer of chocolate and coffee, does not renounce its plans to close “Poiana” factory from Brasov and relocate the operations in Bulgaria, according to the daily “Adevarul.” “The factory will be closed at the end of this year or in early 2010 at the latest,” declared Lachlan Grave, director general of Kraft Foods Romania. He added that the sweets maker has stuck to its plan from the beginning of the year regarding the sacking of the employees. “Since January until now we have laid off 169 employees, out of a total of 436. Only 20 per cent of the fired persons are still looking for a job,” the representative of the company added. The redundant employees will receive a salary package ranging from 11 to 31 compensatory salaries, subject to their seniority.

Holcim’s cement sales volume down by 15 pc

The problems on the credit market and the liquidity constraints that have affected Romania in the first half of this year have led to a drop in the demand for construction materials. Consequently, Holcim’s cement sales volume dropped by 15.1 per cent on the Romanian market, Mediafax informs. On the other hand, Holcim announced that the average sale prices have climbed by 6.2 per cent. At world level Holcim’s sales have dropped by 19 per cent to EUR 6.64 bln in H1.

New car sales in Romania halved

According to the data offered by the Association of Car Producers and Importers (APIA), the new car sales in Romania have dropped by 4 per cent in July compared to the level registered the month before and by 52.5 per cent in the first seven months of the year compared to the same period last year, Mediafax informs. In July the new car sales totaled 12,211 units, while in the January-July period of last year the sales totaled 174,414 units.

The total sales stood at 92,526 units in this year’s January-July period, representing a 56.1 per cent drop compared to the sale of 210,705 units in the same period last year.

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