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September 27, 2020

Preparations started for Madonna show

A team of specialists from all over the world started preparations in the Izvor Park in Bucharest, the location for Madonna’s Bucharest stop of her “Sticky & Sweet” Tour, Agerpress informs.

Madonna will arrive in Romania next week, with the year’s most impressive performance, the organizer of the event, E-Mag!c Entertainment announces. The preparations already started in the Izvor Park, announcing an unprecedented production, a genuine “fortress” dedicated exclusively to Madonna’s show. The concert of August 26 will establish new records for the live entertainment industry in Romania and its invested resources: the stage, consisting of two modules, weighs 100 tons and will require an emplacement surface of the size of a stadium (100 m x 50 m). The production team will include 1,200 persons, 200 of them part of the technical staff of the tour, and includes persons from all over the world: Germany, UK, Italy, Russia, the United States of America, Mexico, New Zealand and Japan. Over 100 trucks will be used for the show: 15 for the stage only and four for the wardrobe, one for each episode of the diva’s show.

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