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October 27, 2021


Athletics World Cup: Nicoleta Grasu wins Bronze Medal

Nicoleta Grasu finished the discus throw event on third place, winning Romania’s first medal in the Athletics World Cup in Berlin, Germany. Nicoleta Grasu scored 65.20 on her second attempt, her best result this season. Australia’s Dani Samuels won the world title with a 65.44-meter throw. Cuba’s Yarelis Barrios ranked second with a 65.31-meter throw. Nicoleta Grasu seemed relaxed during the press conference organized after the event: ‘I have won a lot of medals but I am happy and satisfied with the Bronze Medal. To be honest, at the end I felt a slight regret that this wasn’t a Gold Medal, I was so close, but it’s a Bronze Medal and I am happy with it.’

No world record, but Bolt gets gold

Usain Bolt’s third gold medal of the world championships failed to produce a third world record because the Jamaican 400-meter relay team only managed to produce the second-fastest time in history. “It is a little bit my fault,” an apologetic Bolt said. “I was a little tired.” Since the Beijing Olympics, Bolt had won five major gold medals with a world record each time. The world record streak ended in the 400 relay after he set two individual marks in Berlin. Trinidad and Tobago took silver and Britain got bronze.

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Conflict with pitchforks and gunshots in Caracal

Police in Olt County had to fire warning shots in the air, in order to stop a conflict between a group of ethnic Rroma and a businessman, in the town of Caracal, on Saturday. Following the incidents, a man was taken to hospital with a gunshot wound to the ribs. The conflict opposed businessman Remus Radoi to several ethnic Rroma. Radoi said he was driving when his car was rammed by a vehicle coming on the opposite lane. At that moment, several people came out of the other car, carrying baseball bats, and tried to assault him. As he got afraid, Remus Radoi took a rubber ball pistol and shot at the assailants, wounding one of them.

Caracal Police identified all the people involved in the fight and opened an investigation on charges of assault, insulting behaviour, offence against public order, and destruction. Police sources said businessman Remus Radoi is not under investigation, because he was the victim. Between Remus Radoi and the group of ethnic Rroma there is a conflict dating back since a few weeks ago, when they had another fight in a local restaurant.

ATM stolen from hospital

Five masked persons stole an ATM on Saturday morning from the Panduri Hospital in Bucharest. Four of the five thieves were apprehended and arrested, two of them already confessing their crime.

Bucharest Police spokesperson Christian Ciocan stated that the four thieves were caught on Saturday, with two other persons that ‘in one way or another abetted the crime’ set to be brought in front of the investigators. The Bucharest Police spokesperson added that the group is suspected of committing a similar crime in Giurgiu. The five masked persons broke into the Panduri Hospital around 3.40 AM. The thieves immobilized two persons by tying them up. Christian Ciocan said out that the car with which they transported the ATM was found close to Bucharest, as was the ATM. Ciocan added that the ATM was cut but the moneys were not stolen.

August 23: 70 years since Ribbentrop – Molotov Pact signing

Yesterday was the anniversary of 70 years since the signing of the Ribbentrop – Molotov Pact, by which Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia shared their spheres of influence in Eastern Europe. On the same date, August 23, the three Baltic States celebrate 20 years since a great movement that initiated the regaining of their independence. On August 23, 1939, the Foreign Ministers of the two great totalitarian powers – Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union dominated by Stalin – had signed a non-aggression treaty. A few days later, WW II started, as Germany attacked Poland. August 23 was Romania’s national day during the Communist regime, celebrating the day when the country joined the Allies, ending the partnership with Hitler.

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Boc: Gov’t to assume responsibility also on non taxation of reinvested profit

In September, Government assumes responsibility also on a law draft addressing non taxation of reinvested profit, a normative act to be included in a legislative package referring to sole salary for civil servants and to restructuring of agencies, PM Emil Boc said on Friday, cited by Mediafax. “The law package that we commit responsibility for in early September includes commitment of responsibility also on non taxation of reinvested profit. We have pledged this long ago. This is it, I will no loner wait, because it is crucial to show and provide the business circles a tool by which they can cope efficiently with the difficult times of crisis”, Boc said for a public radio channel. The Executive wants to have the measure on non taxation of reinvested profit in force since October 1. The Government also attempts to guide any economic growth, even a slight one, as the one estimated for 2010, towards salary raise, mainly the low ones, and the salaries of physicians and teachers shall not decrease based on the new law on salary, Boc said. He indicated that a cessation in the economy decline is expected for the last quarter of this year, and a slight growth is expected next year. (BC)

A record acquisition in real estate: EUR 3.5 M

Embassy of Malaysia received, in early June, between EUR 3.5 M to EUR 4 M, for its former venue located in Piata Gheorghe Cantacuzino nr. 1, after nearly four months of negotiations, Business Standard informs. The house has 900 square meters of land and 600 square meters in construction. Bogdan Tohaneanu, the representative of the law firm which was the agent of this transaction, confirmed, for Business Standard, the value of the transaction and he added that “this is likely the highest amount paid by an individual for a building”. The building was put forward to sale last year at a price of EUR 7.5 M, but negotiations started in February from EUR 5 M. According to sources close to the new owner, Avram wants to transform the house into a family museum. The financial crisis has affected the real estate but the opinion of experts is that properties are now evaluated at realistic prices compared to those which were ruling in the market in 2008 and in 2007. According to the representative office of DTZ Echinox, the real price of a luxury house, located in Dorobanti – Embassies area, which has 1,600 – 1,700 square meters of land and 1,000 to 1,200 square meters of construction, is EUR 4 – 5 M. Yet, there are still properties in the market at huge prices, up to seven, eight or even ten million EUR.

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Coalition debates the law on presidential elections

The coalition PSD + PD-L and the Executive is to establish today how the law on electing Romania’s President modifies. The Government is also set to establish the date of the presidential elections on November 22 or November 29, according to “Cotidianul”.

Cabinet members already read the draft and they decided that the law stays as it was, in general. According to a press release issued by the Executive, it is about “amendments which enable the organization of the voting sections and the entire electoral process”.

Yet, there are a few provisions which raised controversies: a charge for a candidate, deposited as collateral, or the raise in the number of signatures from 200 to 500 thousand.

PM Emil Boc assured that there would be no alterations to the candidacy terms. The party leaders also did not have a good opinion on the amendments proposed by the Electoral Authority. Mircea Geoana (PSD) believes that the provision regarding a charge could favor the representatives of large parties, whereas Corneliu Vadim Tudor (PRM) says that this is unconstitutional. The Liberals are unhappy with those amendments which could enable electoral fraud, and UDMR representatives say that the draft is in breach of “common sense rules”.

No agreement on Education Code so far

After two days of public debate in the Chamber of Deputies, where professors, pupils, students, inspectors, politicians and even President Traian Basescu participated, and after two other days of talks in the government and within Ministry of Education, Ecaterina Andronescu and Mircea Miclea, “the parents” of the new sets of laws, a common understanding has not been reached yet. None of them takes a step back, all try to impose their ideas. Mircea Miclea said that a common view has not been reached yet in relation to the laws on education, and university education, and he was waiting to see whether the final text included the solutions proposed by the Commission or he came to the Ministry for nothing.

In her turn, Minister of Education, Ecaterina Androenscu, said that she would revisit all the amendments to the code of education, and a new meeting with the social partners is scheduled for next week.

On Friday, PM Emil Boc said that he was content with the work at the laws on education, PM having a ten-minute stop at Ministry of Education to analyze the stage of negotiations.

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