2009 Mamaia Trophy goes to Bessarabian Alexa

Olga Fresenco, alias Alexa, from the Republic of Moldova won the Grand Prize of the 2009 Mamaia Pop Festival, held at the local ‘Summer Theatre’, August 20-23, for the song ‘Stay with Me.’ Alexa also participated in last year’s ‘Golden Stag’ but came empty-handed. The trophy consisted of a Skoda Fabia car.

This year’s festival was quite unusual in that no fewer than four songs won the first prize in the composition section: ‘Come… in my dream at least’ performed by Mircea Romcescu; ‘You Don’t See the Sky’ – Pasha; ‘The Only Thing I Want Is Your Heart’ – Adriana Vlad and ’I Can Dream through Your Eyes’ – Paula Seling. Given the circumstances, organisers announced that the second and third prize would not be awarded this year, their respective money amounts being added to the first prize’s, which led to EUR 3,000 being divided among the four winners.

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