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September 25, 2021

New A/H1N1 infection cases reported last week

The Centre for the Prevention and Combating of Transmissible Diseases has reported 28 new A/H1N1 flu cases identified in the 17-23 August week. The Ministry of Health reported by press release, yesterday, that the total number of verified new flue cases in Romania had reached 281.

Out of the 28 new cases confirmed by the Cantacuzino Institute, 11 were in Bucharest, five in Timisoara and two in each of the following counties: Braila, Galati, Ilfov, Iasi, Prahova and Valcea.

Case distribution according to the press release: ‘focal outbreak with five confirmed cases among the participants in a concert in Hungary, focal outbreak of two confirmed cases in patients returning from Spain, focal outbreak of two other confirmed cases in patients arriving from Spain, focal outbreak of two confirmed cases in patients arriving from Greece, focal outbreak of two confirmed cases – someone returning from England generating a secondary case among contacts, 11 individual cases in patients returning from various countries: Greece (4), Spain (2), England (1), South Africa (1), Canada (1), China (1), USA (1), four secondary cases among contacts close to cases that had been confirmed the previous week.’

Currently, the 28 patients are in a good state, as they have developed a mild form of the illness. They are still in hospital in special infectious disease wards or isolated at home, as the case may be. They are all receiving antiviral treatment.

The Health Ministry notes Romania is one of the eight European countries with a capacity producing the new flu vaccine.

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