Desintco involved in frigate affair, media reports

The participation in the second phase of the modernization of the frigates the Romanian State bought from the British Royal Navy is an important objective for DESINTCO SRL, company into which Romanian president’s brother, Mircea Basescu, had been to which it had been engaged. Nonetheless, the company did not seek to be the lead actor in the deal, its actual aim being, according to ‘Ziua’ daily, to act as a consultant for a major international player of the war ship building industry. The expected financial benefits would have been important, amounting to several millions of euros.

Romanian tax-payers will have to pay an additional cost of over USD 500 M on top of the contract concluded with BAE Systems – company involved in the frigate affair. Victor Blidea, former Head of the Operations Command of the Romanian Army, told ‘The Guardian’ that Romania had paid for its frigates three times more than it should normally have paid. ‘The British frigates are not bad, but they are not within the budget of the (Romanian) Navy. They are very expensive to maintain,’ he said. The maintenance of the frigates costs enormously, considering that the 18-year service life had already been exceeded. To that, one should also add the expenses with the maintenance of the electricity supply system of the frigates and with the 205 crewmembers.

Defence minister denies involvement in Babeni case

On the other hand, Defence Minister, Mihai Stanisoara, denied yesterday the minister was involved in Babeni military unit’s contracts on army traffic. PNL leader Crin Antonescu asked on Tuesday Stanisoara, among others, to clarify immediately the accusations regarding the involvement of President Basescu’s brother in some army traffic contracts. Babeni case and Mircea Basescu’s possible involvement were pointed out by journalist Sorin Rosca Stanescu, on his blog.

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