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December 7, 2021

Hungarians – Rroma people conflict in Sanmartin ended with criminal files

A few hundred Hungarian locals from Sanmartin, Harghita County, are under criminal pursuit in a file addressing a conflict with Rroma persons in the locality, which took place at the end of May, when several Rroma persons became upset because they had been chased away from a land and they beaten the owner and his sons, to which Hungarians retaliated.

More precisely, there were 230 criminal files started. The first six Hungarian locals were summoned on Tuesday at the Prosecution Office by Miercurea Ciuc Court, but hearings were postponed for September 1. Therefore, the hearings of Hungarians inflated again things in Sanmartin, where situation appeared to have calmed in the past month. On Tuesday evening, the Hungarians from Sanmartin gathered in the center of the locality and they asked the support of Harghita County Council Chair, Borboly Csaba. “People are very anxious. Thousands of families have fear because of this scandal, which is amplified by the central media and by some NGOs which appear to make a living from scandals and this is not good for the peace of the village,” said Borboly Csaba. The head of Harghita County Council said that “the whole Hungarian community of the village, a few hundred villagers” were asked to come to hearings, within an action “without precedent” in Romania, including old persons, farmers, who never had any conflicts. CJ Harghita Chair said that the associations of Rroma persons were sending faxes every day with complaints and protests in relation to the intolerant conduct of Hungarians, without being aware of the facts of the village and those related to Rroma ethnics from Harghita. A representative of the Hungarian ethnics from Sanmartin, Csillag Geza, said, in his turn, that the village has never experienced an inter-ethnic conflict, but this was rather retaliation against those who do not observe the conduct rules, regardless their ethnic origin. In reply, Rroma people delegate, Ileana Budi, said that there were no other rows between Hungarians and Rroma in the past month, “things have calmed” but there were still ten Rroma families who were living in the forest, being afraid of returning in the village.

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