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January 16, 2021


Sorana Carstea and Victor Hanescu top seeds in US Open

Romania’s Sorana Carstea is top seed number 24, while Victor Hanescu is top seed number 28 in the US Open, the last Grand Slam tournament of the year, the competition’s official website informs. Apart from Carstea and Hanescu, Romania will also be represented on the main table by Raluca Olaru, Alexandra Dulgheru, Edina Gallovits and Monica Niculescu in the women’s tournament, while Victor Crivoi and Horia Tecau will represent our country in the men’s tournament. Irina Begu is the only Romanian that is taking part in the American tournament’s qualification stage. A week before the start of the US Open, Victor Hanescu defeated Serbia’s Tipsarevic after coming back from 0-3 in the decisive set.

Eugen Trica could play for Universitatea Craiova

Midfielder Eugen Trica has amicably cancelled his contract with CFR Cluj on Tuesday and could be playing for Universitatea Craiova, the club where he started playing football in 1995, a person close to Trica stated. ‘Eugen Trica wants to play for Universitatea Craiova. He wants to finish his career where he started it,’ the aforementioned source, which wanted to remain anonymous, stated. On Wednesday Trica was supposed to arrive at Craiova in order to finalize the negotiations.

Italian referees for Steaua vs. Dinamo derby

Italian referees will be used for the game between Steaua and Dinamo. Vasile Avram, the head of the Central Commission of Referees (CCA), stated that the Italian and Ukrainian Federations answered the CCA’s request for a team of referees. Since Steaua vs. Dinamo is the main derby of the Romanian football, the Commission decided to choose Italy’s offer. The Steaua vs. Dinamo derby, counting for Round 5 of League I, is scheduled on Sunday at 8.45 PM.

Women’s handball: Gyor defeats Oltchim

Oltchim Rm. Valcea, the national title holders, lost to Gyori Audi ETO KC, Hungary’s title holders, score 25-28 (11-15). The game was played in Hungary and was dedicated to the memory of handball player Anita Kulcsar who was killed in a car crash in 2005.

Ionut Lupescu, UEFA delegate to European Supercup

Ionut Lupescu, the general director of the Romanian Football Federation (FRF), was appointed by UEFA to ‘supervise,’ as an UEFA delegate, the preparations for the European Supercup 2009. The game, pitting FC Barcelona against Shakhtar Donetsk, is scheduled on Friday at 9.45 PM (Romanian time) and will be played in Monaco’s ‘Loius II’ stadium, the FRF’s official website informs.

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Israeli doctors Levitt and Ziskind, forbidden to leave Romania

The Court of Bucharest overruled yesterday the requests filed by Israeli physicians Nathan Levitt and Genya Ziskind, who were demanding Romanian Magistrates to cease their prohibition to leave the territory of Romania. Limitations were imposed by DIICOT Prosecutors, after the investigation into the Sabyc clinic started. The decision of the Court may be contested by appeal filed to the Appeal Court of Bucharest.

Moreover, the Appeal Court of Bucharest will analyze this Friday the contestations filed by the Head of the Sabyc clinic, Harry Mironescu, and by Secretary Cecilia Borza, against the Court’s decision to overrule their release on parole.

The Head of the Sabyc clinic, Yair Miron, arrested on June 20 beside Harry Mironescu and Cecilia Borza, was released by the end of last week, after the Appeal Court of Bucharest approved his appeal regarding release on parole.

Girl aged two and a half, dead after falling from the sixth floor

A girl aged two years and a half was carried to the hospital yesterday after falling from a window located on the sixth floor of a block of flats in Cluj Napoca. The spokesperson of the County Police declared that the girlie was under her grandmother’s custody. The little girl died later in the day. The girlie’s fall was cushioned by a passer-by, who tried to catch her in his arms. “The child was on the window and started yelling: ‘Granny, granny!’ The people who were at their windows ordered her to withdraw, the child refused, hung one of her legs out the window, then the other, started hanging on the window, and fell afterwards. I tried to catch her, yet you may realize that she fell from the sixth floor, she weighs approximately ten kilograms, and I cushioned her fall as I could,” the young man passing by declared.

53 people including 27 children evicted in District 2

The District 2 Municipality evicted a total of 53 people including 27 juveniles who were illegally dwelling on a property in the Bucharest city centre. On the same occasion, the authorities also identified two suspects wanted for the commission of various offences of theft and robbery.

According to the local authorities, the 53 people were living ‘under totally inhuman conditions, amidst their own physiological dejections, without elementary means of livelihood.’ The building occupied by the evicted people had been abandoned by its owners and had experienced advanced dilapidation, having no utilities whatsoever, and represented a danger to both its illegal tenants and to the neighbouring properties because of the risk of collapse, said the quoted source.

Nine alleged motor thieves arrested in police raids in Ilfov County

Nineteen addresses in Ilfov were raided yesterday morning and nine suspects were arrested pending further investigation. The raids were targeted at a group suspected to be specialising in motor theft. The members of the criminal group were allegedly stealing luxury vehicles which they were using afterwards in the commission of new offences, particularly burglaries. The Police want to establish the exact number of stolen vehicles, the number of burgled homes and the total value of the stolen goods.

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Marriott, Pro Hotels and Sind Romania – in the top of hotels

Grand Hotel Companies Corporation, the owner of Marriott Hotel, Negoita brothers hotel company, Pro Hotels, and Sind Romania, a company owned by unions, rank on the first three positions in the top of hotel companies depending on turnovers in 2008, Mediafax informs. Continental Hotel ranks the fourth, which is controlled by Radu Enache, this company including 15 hotels, three of them operating under Ibis brand. Ana Hotels, the company controlled by George Copos, ranks the fifth, with a turnover amounting to RON 92.94 M, with 38 per cent advance.

Bechtel announces completion of 3 km from Transylvania Motorway

The constructor of Transylvania Motorway, Bechtel, announced yesterday the completion of 14 bridges and viaducts on segment 2B, Campia Turzii – Gilau (Cluj County). The cumulated length of the completed structure is close to 3 km, Mediafax informs. 45 structures are scheduled to be constructed on segment 2 B – bridges, passages, viaducts, portals – out of which 16 viaducts, 14 bridges, eight passages, over the motorway or other connection roads, and seven portals.

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Alexandru Ciobanu – the new BCR BpL manager

Banca Comerciala Romana appointed Alexandru Ciobanu, currently general manager of Raiffeisen BpL, at the leadership of BCR Banca pentru Locuinte (BpL – Bank for Housing), Mediafax informs. He will replace Petre Tulin, who left for a similar position with another loan institution.

“The appointment of Alexandru Ciobanu becomes effective starting with mid October, after the approval of BNR,” the bank informed yesterday. Petre Tulin took over the management of Banca Feroviara (Railway Bank), established by businessman Vasile Blidar, who owns several companies, among which is Astra Vagoane Arad. On August 4, BNR Administration Board approved the license for the loan institution. BCR BpL ended the first year of activity with more than 91,000 saving – lending contracts for housing, worth RON 2 bln, and they expect to end this year with 130,000 contracts worth RON 2.8 bln.

New Head of Xerox Romania wants to repeat performances achieved in Czech Republic

The General Manager of Xerox Romania and R. of Moldova, Petr Sichrovsky overtook this position on August 1, and declared that he would try to repeat the performances achieved as Head of the Czech and Slovakian subsidiary of the American group, where he managed to triple the turnover in four years, Mediafax reported. On August 1, Sichrovsky replaced Marius Persinaru as Manager of Xerox Romania and Moldova, who was transferred to the position of operational Vice-President in a regional division of the American group. Sichrovsky joined the team of the Czech subsidiary of Xerox in 1997, immediately after he graduated the University.

In 2004, after several managing positions in the company, he was appointed General Manager of the Czech and Slovakian subsidiary. Sichrovsky declared that he was unwilling to make any major changes in the strategy developed by his predecessor, focusing mainly on adaptations and modifications where he thinks that it needs improvement.

In 2008, Xerox Romania and R. of Moldova reported an income of over USD 72 million, which was an increase of 18 per cent to 2007, on the background of increasing attention granted to document management services and great capacity multifunctional laser equipment.

Purchasing power is declining, beer consumption is dropping

Beer consumption in Romania dropped, in the first half of this year, by almost 10 per cent, from 9.9 million hl to 9 million hl, triggered by a declining purchasing power of Romanians and change in the consumption habits, Mediafax informs. According to the association “Berarii Romaniei”, the weather conditions led to a drop in the sales volume, as this year weather was colder and it rained more, mainly in first quarter of this year. Consumption is covered 98 per cent by domestic production in Romania.

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11,000 employees from Romanian Railways to be laid off

Nearly 11,000 employees from Romanian Railways (CFR) are to be made redundant, based on the data presented by unions yesterday to Transport Ministry representatives.

According to Mediafax, the leader of the Federation of Train Engines, Iulian Mantescu, said yesterday after the meeting with Minister Radu Berceanu, State Secretary Constantin Axinia and directors of three companies included in CFR, that 1,400 persons from CFR Calatori, between 800 and 1,000 from CFR Infrastructura and 50 per cent from CFR Marfa, namely 8,500 persons, are to be laid off. However, Minister Radu Berceanu pledged before unions that he intended to “fight” in the government to receive money at the budgetary reappraisal for CFR. The talks among unions and representatives of MT will continue over the next days.

Ten banks compete for brokerage service in relation to EUR 1.5 bln worth Euro-bonds issuance

Ministry of Public Finances (MFP) established the short list of ten banks which qualify for the final selection stage in relation to supply of brokerage services for the Euro-bonds issuance worth EUR 500 M–EUR 1.5 bln, according to a press release. The international banks which qualified for the final stage of negotiations for the selection of administrators are HSBC, Barclays Capital, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Erste Bank together with Banca Comerciala Romana, EFG Eurobank Ergasias with Bancpost, Societe Generale, UniCredit and ING.

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Antonescu: PNL will not impose ‘huge membership fees’ for the campaign

PNL leader, Crin Antonescu, said yesterday that the Liberals did not plan to establish huge membership fees for the party members to fund the electoral campaign.

“Except for what was already announced, there will be no huge membership fees particularly. Our funding line considered for the campaign is the one for transparent and large contributions, similar to our taxation policy: little from many,” Antonescu said at the end of the meeting of PNL Consultative Political Group, quoted by Agerpres.

He added that talks took place within this group in relation to issues regarding the coordination of the electoral campaign of PNL for presidential elections with the Parliamentarian and political activity in general pursued by the party.

Antonescu explained what the role that the Consultative Political Group had in relation to the Liberals electoral campaign. “It is a reunion where the very important members, leaders of the party who do not have operative attributions, meet together, analyze the evolution, bring various ideas to discuss. It is a place for creativity,” Antonescu said.

Ion Diaconescu: Romania has no one to choose from in election

The former leader of the Peasants’ Party who celebrated his birthday for the 92nd time on Tuesday gave an interview to a national daily, quoted by ‘7 plus’, in which he speaks of the current political stage and its leaders. Diaconescu thinks that Romania has no one to choose from in the upcoming presidential election. ‘For whom can you vote? There is no solution. We don’t have someone with the moral values to represent us at such a level yet’. The former Peasants’ Party leader says that Traian Basescu’s ‘weaknesses’ are women and his family, giving the example of how he forced his younger daughter’s way into politics, his brother’s businesses and the Udrea inquiry. Diaconescu thinks that Ion Iliescu has no more the strength of producing anything different than Geoana. Diaconescu is also critical of Prince Radu, one of the candidates in the presidential race: ‘He is a prince consort, he represents the Royal House and now he’s running to be the president of a republic. I think it is laughable.’

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