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June 26, 2022

Cotidianul: Romania refuses to sign weapon trade code

According to “Cotidianul” reporters, Romania is the only EU Member State and also member of the European Defence Agency which has refused, two times until the time being, to sign the Conduct Code related to Military Procurement. The code was created for an increased transparency of trade with military material and to encourage the establishment of the European weaponry market. The first refusal was registered in 2007 shortly after the EU accession. The second refuse of Romania came in 2009. Defence Ministry (MoD) proposed the Country Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) the signing of this document but this appeared to be have been removed from the agenda by President Traian Basescu himself, according to governmental sources, cited by the newspaper mentioned. Over a phone discussion, the former Defence Minister Teodor Melescanu confirmed that MoD request was several times removed from CSAT agenda, since it did not have an opinion from Ministry of Economy and Industries. The current Defence Minister, Mihai Stanisoara, was unavailable to provide any details as to this situation.

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