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March 28, 2023

MAE lost nearly EUR 11 M because of the foreign exchange rate modification

Foreign Affair Minister Cristian Diaconescu said on Thursday, according to Mediafax, that MAE (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) lost, from the earmarked budget, nearly EUR 11 M because of the changes in the foreign exchange rate.

“Calculations were made for 40,000 (RON 4, editor note) and now we have 43,000 (RON 4.3 – editor note). Thus, based on our estimations, nearly EUR 11 M, over EUR 10 M, were lost because of differences in the real exchange rate”, according to Diaconescu.

“In our opinion, we did all possible cuts in the staff here in MAE”, he added remaining that MAE has one of the lowest budgets in Europe.

The Minister explained that there would be funds for salaries at MAE, the remaining expenditures being reduced to minimum.

“If we want to have a dignified, representative and consistent participation to the international dialogue, then we must have the capacity to represent Romania properly. I speak here about diplomat offices which we currently have”, the Minister concluded.

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