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March 24, 2023


League 1, fifth leg fixtures this weekend

Otelul Galati – Unirea Urziceni

Curtea de Arges – FC Brasov

Ceahlaul P.N. – Pandurii Tg. Jiu

CFR Cluj – Gaz Metan

Unirea Alba Iulia – FC Timisoara

Astra Ploiesti – Rapid Bucharest

FC Vaslui – Poli Iasi

Universitatea Craiova – Gloria Bistrita

Steaua Bucharest – Dinamo Bucharest

Eugen Trica signs for Universitatea Craiova

Midfielder Eugen Trica (33), who left CFR as a player free of contract, returned to Universitatea Craiova after reaching an agreement with club financier Adrian Mititelu. Trica signed a one-year contract with Universitatea Craiova. ‘I’ve wanted to return to Universitatea for a long time but I couldn’t propose the deal myself. I reached an agreement with Mr. Mititelu, there won’t be any problems and I hope that the fans will receive me well because I’m coming to give my best for the team. I won’t quit playing football until I win a trophy with this team,’ Eugen Trica stated for sport.ro.

Water Polo: Romanian Federation awards prize to national team

The Romanian Water Polo Federation has awarded RON 50,000 to the national team for finishing the World Swimming Championship in Rome on the 7th place. At the proposal of head coach Istvan Kovacs, the sum of RON 50,000 was equally divided between the players and the team’s coaching staff. The moneys for the prizes come from Florin Nita, the vice president of the Romanian Polo Federation, and Alexandru Badea, member of the Federal Bureau. The Romanian national water polo team finished the World Swimming Championship in Rome on 7th place.

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Tcaciuc extradited from Austria, incarcerated in Botosani

Severin Tcaciuc was extradited by the Austrian authorities on August 21 and incarcerated in the Botosani Penitentiary, prison spokesperson Iulian Daranga said Thursday. According to the Romanian Police Press Office quoted by Mediafax, Tcaciuc was extradited by Austria on August 21 and escorted by the Romanian Police from Vienna to Romania on the same date. The Austrian judicial authorities arrested Tcaciuc on August 11. The Suceava businessman was convicted by default for insult, theft and assaulting a policeman in mission and sentenced to six years in prison in Romania. Three different warrants for the service of the sentence have been issued in Tcaciuc’s name.

Teodosie to plead innocent

The Archbishop of Tomis Teodosie, officially charged of bribe taking and instigation to intellectual forgery, claims he is innocent and dignifiedly agrees to be prosecuted, pointing out that he trusts Justice to establish the truth.

“His Holiness Teodosie, Archbishop of Tomis is indifferent to the speculations propagated by the media, and, as a citizen of this country and God’s servant, agrees to this investigation with dignity, knowing he is innocent, and trusts that the Romanian Justice will establish the truth,” a press release issued on Thursday by the Archbishopric of Tomis shows.

President of the Hearing Impaired Association in Braila, murdered

The 41-year-old President of the Hearing Impaired Association in Braila was murdered with dozens of hammer strikes, most likely applied by only one person. She used to be a member of all committees focused on the issues of the hearing impaired. According to the journalists of the paper “Adevarul,” the victim, Elisabeta Dogarescu, was the only and the most experienced social worker of the Braila subsidiary of the Hearing Impaired Association, was thoroughly familiar with all the issues and secrets of the Association members, was their only authorized translator and she usually attended all interrogations of the hearing impaired. Dozens of police officers are working on this case under the strict supervision of the homicide prosecutor. The case is extremely difficult, as the main list of suspects includes mostly members of the association, hearing and speaking impaired. The only thing the investigators have come up with so far is that robbery was not the cause of this murder.

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Geoana: We’ll leave government, if need be

The president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Mircea Geoana, said Thursday that the party is ready to quit government if ruling alliance partners want so. ‘We’ll exit government, if need be, yet it is up to the colleagues in PD-L to say they want this to happen. We don’t necessarily want to stand alongside them if our political attitude upsets them. Coalition colleagues are quite restless and stir up waves in an electoral year when the battle for Romania reigns supreme,’ the PSD president said while on visit to Maramures. According to Geoana, PSD backs amendments in the education Code and the Romanian education system being allotted a budget of 6 per cent GDP. The Social-Democrat leader also that ‘behind the suspect haste’ to get the Education Code passed, ‘there is an electoral interest of the incumbent president who wants to show he has done something during his five-year term. ‘Thursday’s issue of a national daily newspaper wrote that Education Minister Ecaterina Andronescu will be the subject of a reshuffle after government takes responsibility for education law package September 2nd, as a result of haggling between the education minister and Democrat-Liberals over the education Code.

Gov’t denounces wrongdoings in Peles retrocession

The Oversight Body of the Prime Minister accuses the commission in charge of negotiating the Memorandum of Understanding between the former government and King Michael I over the return of the Peles domain to its actual owner, of illegalities and lack of transparency, pointing the finger at former culture minister Adrian Iorgulescu as one of the persons who should be held accountable. Mediafax quotes official sources as saying this week that inspectors with the Oversight Body concluded the report on the return of the ‘Furnica’ Tourist Complex, which is part of the Peles Domain, showing that the decision by the State Assets and Protocol Administration (RA-APPS) whereby the former sovereign got possession of this building is illegal and damaging to the state budget. Following verifications, the institution resolved to notify the Prosecutor’s Office, the sources cited said.

The inspection report also show that consistent with the verifications on the terms under which the Peles Domain was receded, the commission that negotiated the Memorandum of Understanding between Government and King Michael I operated poorly, as it failed to meet its goals, and no documents are either mentioned or drafted regarding the participants in talks, conclusions of the meetings or the viewpoints expressed by the two parties.

The ‘Furnica’ Tourist Complex has roughly 240 rooms, adding to which are workshops, terraces and more, encompassing an overall surface area of 3,982 square metres.

In retort, the Royal House informed on Thursday that it does not have any debt to the Romanian state, regarding “Furnica” property, because it is considered to belong to the Peles domain.

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BNR injected over RON 8 bln. in the inter-banking market

National Bank of Romania (BNR) performed yesterday a repo type operation, by means of which it lent the banks on one week, with RON 8.47 bln., at an interest of 8.5 per cent per year, equal to the monetary policy rate. According to Mediafax, within the operation, the central bank provided loans to 19 lending institutions and deposits mature on September 3. The most recent repo operation performed by BNR took place on July 29, when the central bank put forward RON 5.33 bln., on one month. Thus, BNR offers liquidity commercial banks and it takes over, in exchange, state bonds, and by means of reverse repo operations, the central bank sterilizes market liquidity surplus and provides bonds to the banks. The interests charged by banks to the amounts invested on one day prior to BNR putting forward this amount had advanced to 9.99 – 10.49 per cent, after having ranged between 9.06 per cent to 9.56 per cent in the previous session.

According to dealers, the yields started to decline, returning around the reference rate, 8.25 – 9 per cent, after BNR having injected liquidity in the market.

DCS: 8 pc of a family’s budget spent on telecom services

Romanians spend an average of RON 70-80 on telephony-internet-TV services every month, shows a Digital Cable Systems (DCS) study. The amount is much smaller than the Western Europe’s average of EUR 60-80. Company representatives also state the amount represents approximately eight per cent of a Romanian family’s average budget. ‘Romania continues to be a price-governed market in respect of all categories of telecom products and services. Despite of penetration rates of over 100 per cent of selected types of services like mobile telephony, the Romanian market still has a lot of room left for the growth of the telephony-internet-TV services’, stated Dinu Malacopol, Digital Cable Systems CEO.

Preh recruits for Audi in Brasov

German automotive component producer Preh has invested EUR 3 M in a Brasov-based factory, ‘Ziarul Financiar’ reports. The company intends to hire 400 people over the next two years. The investment is being carried out during a period when the automotive industry goes through a production facility and personnel restructuring in the entire world. However, company Manager Mihaela Forgaciu who has worked for Draxlmaier Romania for the past 14 years says the factory aims at a turnover of EUR 20 M in 2010. ‘Markets are recovering and our principal client is VW. The group now received 30 per cent more orders from VW than the original contract, for average-class models, of course. In Brasov, the company will produce control systems for the passenger compartment, primarily for Audi and VW. The company has rented a production facility in Brasov which had cost EUR 7 M to build, and the first production lines have been brought from Germany.

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