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January 28, 2023

Russian Ambassador: Moscow wants stronger ties with Bucharest

The Russian Ambassador to Bucharest declared on Monday that Russia commemorated the Romanian heroes of WWII and for Russians, Romanians are really close due to their mentality, lifestyle and faith, “but you cannot ignore the fact that Romania also struggled against the USSR.”

Alexandr Churilin held a press conference yesterday to commemorate 70 years since the beginning of WWII. Questioned by a reporter on his opinion referring to Romania’s relation to Russia, 70 years after the events, the diplomat avoided a straight answer and explained that there are two different subjects that cannot be seen in a direct relationship. “Romania had an extremely difficult role in the events that occurred 70 years ago,” Churilin said, quoted by Agerpres.

“At that time, Romania’s leaders attempted to avoid the war but unfortunately, they failed. Afterwards, there was that tragic step, as Romania joined Nazi Germany in the war, against the Russian forces, and this mistake resulted in the sacrifices of thousands of young lives,” he declared.

Furthermore, Churilin added that Moscow wished to continue the development of the Romanian – Russian relations. When invited to refer more to the present relations of the two countries, he shortly answered: “We are willing to focus on their further development.” When questioned on the reason of the tensions that existed between Russia and Romania, Ambassador Churilin invited the journalists to a discussion on this topic after another week or two.

The Ambassador mentioned that he was not interested to establish “any connection between the state of the current Russian – Romanian relations and the events that occurred 70 years ago. These are different questions.”

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