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Boc: Romania’s option is the Agriculture Portfolio in the EC

Romania wishes to obtain the Agriculture Portfolio in the European Commission and its candidate for this position is Dacian Ciolos, Premier Emil Boc declared on Tuesday.

“Ever since January 12, 2009, Romania’s option was the Agriculture Portfolio and our country supported Dacian Ciolos for the position of European Commissioner,” Boc said. He mentioned that Romania would be sent an official invitation to make a nomination after the new President of the European Commission will overtake his position. According to the PM, Romania will be granted support by France, Germany and Poland in order to obtain the Agriculture Portfolio; nonetheless negotiations would be difficult, as Denmark wishes to maintain its present European Commissioner for Agriculture.

When questioned in regard to the statement made by Social-Democrat MP Titus Corlatean, according to whom PSD might support Vasile Puscas as well for the position of European Commissioner, Boc replied: “MPs have the right to say whatever they want.”

Traian Basescu, secretly recorded during Tigareta II Affair

Valentin Vasilescu, a former deputy commander at the Otopeni Airport at the time of the Tigareta II scandal, disclosed on a TV programme Monday that he had informed Traian Basescu, who was Transportation Minister at the time, about the airport being a site for arms trafficking, yet, he did not take any action, according to ziare.com. portal. ‘I met him once at the time, he received me in an audience. I recorded him because I suspected the man was not honest,’ Vasilescu told Antena 3, adding he is in possession of a recording he made with a reporter’s recorder, and confirming some of the accusations against the current head of state made by journalist Sorin Rosca Stanescu on his blog.

According to Vasilescu, the entire ‘Tigareta II’ operation was ‘a special arms, and not cigarette, operation, as the KGB-style frame-up went.’ Answering further questioning by the show’s anchor, Vasilescu said the recording is a couple of minutes long and contains but Traian Basescu’s answer during the said meeting, and not the question asked.

Last week, journalist Sorin Rosca Stanescu published on his blog some serious accusations against the brother of Romania’s president regarding arms trafficking. In one of his blog postings, Rosca Stanescu speaks of the alleged link between Lieutenant-Colonel Cornel Purcarea and the Basescus, with Purcarea, purportedly being ‘a friend and business associate of Mircea Basescu.’ Purcarea used to work for the Army’s secret service and was close to another person involved in ‘Tigareta II’, Valentin Vasilescu, deputy commander at the Otopeni Airoport at the time, who was arrested in May 1998.

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Strategic Romanian-Danish association in farming

Romania’s single complete farming solution provider Agricover Group and one of the European farming consultancy market leaders, Danish Agricultural Advisory Service, have become associated by setting up a Romanian-Danish joint venture – AgroAdvice – that will assist Romanian farmers in optimizing processes, growing activity and achieving competitiveness on the EU and global market, according to a press release. ‘Romanian agriculture has an enormous potential which we intend to turn into reality by using the experience of Danish Agricultural Advisory Service (DAAS) in farmer consulting in a number of European countries, completing the local expertise the Agricover Group has,’ Ejnar Schultz, Deputy Managing Director of DAAS, said. ‘The objective will be to optimize agricultural production taking into account market conditions and the legal and financial specificities of each particular farm,’ Ejnar Schultz added.

New big name steps into Romanian insurance market – Groupama Asigurari

The largest restructuring in the history of the insurance market – the merger of Asiban and BT Asigurari, companies with a turnover in 2008 of EUR 250 M, owned by the French from Groupama – has been recently completed, putting a new player straight to position number three on the local insurance market – Groupama Asigurari, ‘Ziarul Financiar’ reports.

Having spent almost half a billion euros on Asiban and BT Asigurari, the French company has renounced both brand names having over ten-years of history each, choosing to count on its own name which is still little known to Romanian customers, writes the quoted source.

In the last 13 years, Low-cost airline Sky Europe declared bankruptcy

Low-cost airline Sky Europe had already initiated bankruptcy procedure and all its flights were canceled, including those to and from Bucharest, and thousands of passengers were blocked on airports, according to the France Presse agency, as quoted by Realitatea.net. The flights of the company have suffered several delays ever since July, when the bankruptcy procedure was initiated. Sky Europe registered losses of almost EUR 60 M last year. It operated flights from Vienna to Brussels, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Lisbon, Naples and Athens.

Petrom to cut price of gas and Diesel oil, starting today

Today, Petrom initiated a price cut of RON 0.06 per litre for gas and RON 0.03 per litre for Diesel oil, as a result of the evolution of international prices of fuel products, as announced yesterday by the company and reported by Mediafax. The new price for lead free Premium gas will be RON 3.77 per litre and the price of the lead free top Premium gas will be RON 4.14 per litre. Moreover, the products OMV Carrera 95 and OMV Carrera 100 will cost RON 3.91 per litre and respectively RON 4.54 per litre.

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President Basescu wants to address Parliament

President Traian Basescu sent on Tuesday a letter to the Speakers of Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, Mircea Geoana and Roberta Anastase, informing them that he wants to speak to the Legislative on September 14, the Presidential Administration announced on Tuesday. “By virtue of art 88 and art 65 para 2 letter a) from the Constitution of Romania, and of art 1 of the Regulations of the common meetings of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate, I inform you that I want to address to the joint Chambers of Parliament a message over the main political problems of the nation,” reads the letter, stressing that, taking into account the conditionality of the working agenda, the Head of State proposes the date of September 14, 2009, at an hour to be established by the Speakers of the two Chambers of Parliament.

Social-Democrats accuse SPP, STS of political police activities

The Social-Democrats will soon put forward two draft laws proposing the reorganisation of the state Protection and Guard Service (SPP) and the Special Telecommunication Service (STS), as the two are running political police activities at the order of President Traian Basescu, the head of PSD’s Chamber of Deputies’ group, Viorel Hrebenciuc said on Monday evening. After a session of the PSD and Conservative groups of the Chamber, Hrebenciuc said the two services and mainly the SPP are monitoring PSD leadership members.The PSD deputies’ leader underlined that the party’s parliamentary groups in the Senate and Chamber of Deputies on Monday called for draft laws meant to reorganize the two services. The two draft laws were to be submitted to Parliament yesterday. Hrebenciuc added that the two draft laws will provide, among other things, that the heads of the services be appointed to the offices by Parliament, based on nominations made by the head of state. The Social-Democrat refused to provide further details, but suggested that STS was involved in the scandal surrounding a leaked recording of a conversation between members of a parliamentary commission probing Tourism Minister Elena Udrea.

In reply, Transport Minister and Democrat-Liberal vice president Radu Berceanu said, quoted by daily ‘Gandul’, that PSD’s initiative shows that the party gave up the idea that their leader Mircea Geoana might ever become president of Romania and work with SPP and STS. In turn, SPP denied the allegations and any involvement in the Udrea commission scandal. In a press release, SPP underlined that it already clarified allegations of involvement in this controversial issue with the Chamber of Deputies’ defence committee. The Service said that SPP only assures anti-terror measures in the Palace of Parliament and denied being involved in the recording of the Udrea commission members’ conversation.

Liberal leader Crin Antonescu also told a press conference yesterday that Parliament should interview the ministers of Defence and Economy and the heads of SPP and STS in relation to the recording of the Udrea commission members’ conversation.

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