Mircea Basescu: ‘My family and I feel the burden of Basescu name’

President Traian basescu’s brother, Mircea Basescu, called on the media yesterday to stop making any further connections between his private life and business and the head of state, underlining that he wishes to put an end to all “future speculations” based on the association of Traian Basescu’s name with his professional activity. “I am the brother of the Romanian president, I love him and his family, I respect his decisions and the position he holds and this is why I would not do anything likely to harm his image, as journalist Sorin Rosca Stanescu insists, let alone drag him into some deal. I was never involved in any illegal use of position with the president, I never asked him to do me any favours and I never asked for his support in the business I run,” the president’s brother said in a press release quoted by Agerpres.

He also announced that he would sue Rosca Stanescu, seeking moral and material damage for the harm caused by the journalist. Mircea Basescu underlined that his professional and private life are different from the activity and private life of the head of state and added that he chose to clarify the “absurd situation imagined by Sorin Rosca Stanescu” and address the public through a press release as he is not a good public speaker and does not want his words “being interpreted and reinterpreted.”

Mircea Basescu also reiterated the fact that he had never been involved in any terrorist deal and had never taken part in any secret international arms and ammunition deal, that he was not involved in organized crime operations or arms and explosive dealing and that he never supported or financed international acts of terror.

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