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March 31, 2023


Szeklers’ Land to create flag, coat of arms, anthem

The leadership of the Szekler National Council has revealed the draft decisions that will be voted by the Szeklers’ Land representatives during the meeting scheduled this Saturday in Odorheiul Secuiesc. One of the decisions seeks to establish the Szeklers’ Land’s anthem, flag and coat of arms. ‘SIC is the distinctive regional sign and the local authorities from the Szeklers’ Land will offer all their support in order for it to be included in the ISO registry,’ a draft decision reads. The Szeklers’ will also issue a Statement on administrative reform. ‘The Szeklers’ land is indivisible and cannot be included in any other territorial-administrative unit. The future of this region cannot be imagined in any other way but as a single administrative-territorial unit with enhanced prerogatives and located within its natural regional boundaries that were formed throughout history. Romania’s administrative-territorial re-arrangement has to consider the European principle according to which a region is recognized, not drawn,’ the CNS document reads. The local representatives meeting in Odorhei will also discuss documents that back the ‘Szeklers’ Land’s autonomy statute’ draft law, but also aspects having to do with the association of local public authorities at the Szeklers’ Land’s level. Last but not least, the local representatives from the Szeklers’ Land will talk about the Land’s future representation within the European Council and European Union.

Prosecutors join judges’ protests

Prosecutors with the Organised Crime and Terrorism Investigation Department (DIICOT), along with auxiliary staff of the institution, yesterday joined the protest begun earlier this week by judges, over the unitary salary law and the legal system’s financial problems. DIICOT prosecutors said in a press release that they would cease working with the public and handle only urgent cases. Moreover, the prosecutors said the government’s salary policies are “unjust, discriminative and humiliating.”

The protest, begun on Monday by the Bucharest City Court, has already spread to 80 per cent of all courts of justice in Romania. Judges only enter courts to discuss urgent arrest warrants or cases involving underage. Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu invited all presidents of courts of justice and prosecutor’s offices to a video-conference today, in order to discuss the provisions of the unitary salary law, magistrates’ protests and other financial issues.

Meanwhile on Tuesday evening, magistrates’ representatives held a meeting with the government over the matter. After the meeting, magistrates said the government admitted that the unitary salary law will trigger a 55 per cent drop in legal system wages. Several members of the Superior Council of Magistracy left the talks, discontent with the fact the government is determined to cut their bonuses.

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