PM Boc: Assumption of responsibility to reveal whether PD-L and PSD really want to reform the state

The Government’s assumption of responsibility in Parliament will reveal whether the two governing parties truly want to reform the state, because the Government’s legislative initiatives cannot be promoted unless they are backed both by PD-L and PSD, Prime Minister Emil Boc, the democrat-liberal leader, stated in an interview on the public radio station.

Boc pointed out that he personally received a mandate from PD-L to support the reform of the state through the three draft laws.

Boc confirmed that he has signed the letter through which the Government informs the Parliament of its intention to assume its responsibility on those three laws, with their drafts set to reach Parliament on Monday after the amendments filed during the Government’s meeting on Wednesday will be included. He reminded that the Permanent Bureaus of the two Chambers have set a time period during which the Parliament can file its amendments to the Government’s draft laws. Their final form will be established after another Government meeting during which the ministries will accept or turn down the Parliament’s amendments. The Prime Minister also talked about the three laws on which the Government wants to assume its responsibility, focusing on the education laws and stating that he chose this manner of adopting the laws in order to save time and in order to allow for the modification of the curriculum and the changing of textbooks by the end of the 2010-2011 school year. ‘I want to tell the ones that accuse us of being hasty that we keep talking for eight months now and any day that passes is a day lost,’ Boc stated.

According to the Prime Minister, the new law will reform the education system by introducing more efficient education mechanisms. ‘My daughter, who is in the 6th grade, was unable to carry her backpack to school, that’s how heavy it was,’ Boc said.

Boc added that the Baccalaureate consisting of three exams alone as per the new draft law could be applied starting this school year.

‘The Baccalaureate will consist of three exams. A compulsory Romanian Language exam and two other exams – one optional subject matter and one subject matter having to do with the high school’s profile. I have talked to Education Minister Ecaterina Andronescu and I believe that this decision to change the Baccalaureate should be applied starting this school year,’ Boc said. The Prime Minister also announced on the public radio station yesterday that he was due to meet several Ministers; however he did not reveal their identity or the issues that they were going to tackle.

Eur 500 account for each child

The state will open a bank account holding the RON-denominated equivalent of EUR 500 for each newborn, the Prime Minister stated. The money can be used only for educational purposes. Likewise, according to the provisions of the new education laws, the parents could redirect 2 per cent of their wages each year to their child’s personal account. The child would be given access to the account when turning 14 or 16 and would be able to use it only for educational purposes, Boc pointed out.

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