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January 25, 2022

Ioan Talpes to run for Presidency

The former SIE director announced on Thursday that he will run at the presidential elections as independent, and hopes to obtain the necessary signatures in order to register in the electoral race. Ioan Talpes also declared that he is not a PDL member, and has never been in this party so far, he only participated in the parliamentary elections designated by the Democrat-Liberals. The former SIE director ran last autumn for a place in the Senate of Romania on PDL lists, after the news was mentioned that he could run on behalf of PSD. Although he obtained the biggest number of votes in the respective college from Bucharest, 34.33 per cent, but the PNL candidate Cristian Topescu obtained the college upon redistribution.

The president of the Christian People’s Social Union (UPSC) Dolj, Claudiu Cucu, declared on April 13 that the president of the party, Ioan Talpes, will run for the office of President of Romania. According to him, the decision was made within the Council of the National Organisation of UPSC. The same also stated that UPSC president, Ioan Talpes, will rely not only on the party structures. Asked by the journalists if Ioan Talpes still has any connection with PDL, running last year on behalf of PDL at the parliamentary elections, UPSC Dolj president, Claudiu Cucu, declared that Ioan Talpes stopped any connection with PDL at the end of the parliamentary elections.

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