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December 6, 2021

“Follow your hobby” campaign starts on Sunday

This Sunday, between 4:00 and 8:00 PM, at several locations in Bucharest – including the Herastrau and Cismigiu Parks, Hard Rock Café etc. – those who already have a hobby, or who contemplate to get one, are invited to join the militants of the “Follow your hobby” movement in an event that will feature jugglers, off-road hikes, photograph, music, biking, motorcycling, retro-cars, drawing, rock, cooking classes, wine tasting, skating etc.

The “Follow your hobby” association plans to bring under the same umbrella all hobby promoting associations and militates for the right of each individual to tend to his/her hobbies. To this view, organizers started a campaign with the purpose of getting the third Friday of September designated as the National Day of Hobbies.

The petition won’t remain a singular effort, as it will be accompanied by a series of events meant to raise the awareness of hobbyists and authorities about their initiative.

The “Follow your hobby” association is an initiative by PR company Tabasco&Ciusca.

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