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September 25, 2021


Civil servants under control: Work records left blank for the last 11 years

The National Agency of Civil Servants (ANFP) checked mayors’ offices across three counties of Romania and found out several infringements of the acting legislation, including incompatibilities at the level of public functions, as well as administrative matters related to contests for civil servant positions or to the seniority needed to hold a certain position. According to Antena 3 TV channel, during August 26-28 ANFP checked public institutions from the Ilfov, Brasov and Teleorman counties and will report the problems it found to the National Integrity Agency (ANI) and the Court of Auditors.

After controls in the Domnesti commune, Ilfov County, the Popesti-Leordeni town and Ciolpani, also from Ilfov, the Trivale locality of Teleorman County, the Vama Buzaului commune of Brasov County, the National Agency of Civil Servants will go in control at public institutions from the Giurgiu and Ialomita counties.

Furthermore, ANFP will seek support from the Ministry of Administration and the Interior, in order to gain access to a videoconference with prefects, so that it can make clarifications on how the legislation on public positions and civil servants should be observed, and to make known the measures imposed when laws get trespassed.

Organised Crime officer arrested for influence peddling and bribery

A female police officer with the Organised Crime Service was arrested by the anti-corruption prosecutors on charges of influence peddling and bribery.

According to Antena 3, the prosecutors say she received EUR 10,000 from a foreign national, promising him to clear him in a criminal case. The police officer is a colleague of the other organised crime officer arrested on suspicion of similar offences in April. Initially, she testified in the case against the two colleagues.

The police officer was arraigned in the Bucharest Court of Appeal with the proposal of being remanded in custody during investigations and trial.

AH1N1: Vaccination campaign starts in December

Romania will start the vaccination campaign against the AH1N1 virus in early December, the Health Ministry (MS) announced on Wednesday.

The vaccine will be produced locally by the Cantacuzino Institute, with the Ministry representatives estimating that approximately five million shots will be produced by the start of the campaign, with approximately one million shots set to be produced on a monthly basis starting next year. The Health Ministry has also established the category of persons that are at a high risk of getting the AH1N1 virus. Thus, the vaccination campaign will focus mainly on doctors, public services personnel, children and pregnant women.

In Romania the number of swine flu infections has reached 316, according to the Health Ministry.

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Dragoi: The Eurobond issue will be launched in maximum two months, if the market allows it

The issue of Eurobonds, with a value between EUR 500 M and EUR 1.5 bln, will be launched in two months at most, if the market allows this operation, according to the state secretary from the Public Finance Ministry (MFP), Bogdan Dragoi, Mediafax reports. He said that the law office which will deal with the legal aspects of the operation will be announced on Friday. Dragoi pointed out that in the first three-four months of the year, given the conditions of the market, the maturities of the titles issued by MFP were of up to three months, but subsequently the market allowed the extension of the maturities which went up to five years. The state secretary also said that the ministry intends to extend the maturities to ten years and even more, because the pension funds and other investors are willing to invest money on the long run.

APIA: New automobile sales might total 130,000 units

New automobile sales this year might reach some 130,000 units, with a similar level being possible next year too, the vice-president of the Romanian Association of Car Manufacturers and Importers (APIA), Brent Valmar said, quoted by Mediafax. “I believe we reached the bottom and it would be normal for us to stabilize and overcome the hard times. Our forecast stands somewhere at 130,000 automobiles this year and I think this is the reasonable level we should take into account for next year too,” the APIA official explained. According to Valmar, the idea of cumulating three scrapping premiums, put forward by the Environment Ministry, is a good one.

Gov’t approved the opening of the customs office in Tulcea

The Executive approved on Wednesday the opening of the check point and of the customs office for the international traffic of travellers and of commodities on “Delta Dunarii” airport from Tulcea, the spokeswoman of Government, Ioana Muntean, declared. She stressed that the airport from Tulcea is used now only for charter flights, many of them international. “Its transformation into international airport will contribute to the economic and tourism development in the South East development region,” Muntean said.

Over 4.7 M road stamps sold in H1

Romania’s National Corporation of Motorways and National Roads (CNADNR) sold 4.72 M road stamps in H1, up 36 pc from a year ago, Mediafax reports. The company yesterday released part of the indices it registered during the first half of 2009. Out of the Corporation’s expenses, 37.9 pc were represented by investments, motorway constructions included, 25.2 pc went on the maintenance of national roads, 15.18 pc on restoration works at national roads, financed from foreign credits, 11.1 pc on projects unfolded on European funds, 4.03 pc on overhaul works at national roads (DN), 4.05 pc went to programs for mitigating the effects of floods, while 2.49 pc were repayments of foreign credits, interests and commissions.

Tarom carried about 863,000 passengers in the first seven months

Tarom carried 862,900 passengers in the first seven months, 13.1 per cent less than in the same period of the previous year, according to the data of the Association of the European Air Companies (ACAE), Mediafax reports. The degree of occupation of the aircrafts was 52.2 per cent, down 10.2 percentage points compared to the same period of 2008. In July, the number of passengers carried by Tarom decreased by 8 per cent, to 159.200, while the average degree of occupation dropped 5.2 points to 63.9 per cent. At European level, the companies carried 142.2 million travelers in the first seven months, down 9.2 per cent. At the same time, the degree of occupation of the aircrafts fell 1.2 percentage points, to 66.8 per cent.

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