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May 6, 2021

PNL accuses Gov’t of tolerating electoral tourism

PNL President Crin Antonescu has stated that during the hearings held within the Parliament’s special commission on Tuesday the head of the Special Telecommunications Service (STS) informed the members of the commission that he had proposed a method for preventing electoral tourism but PM Emil Boc allegedly refused it, not wanting to take measures in order to stop the casting of multiple votes.

According to Antonescu, quoted by ‘Romania Libera’ daily, STS Director Marcel Opris presented to the commission some technical elements of his proposal on spotting and sanctioning electoral tourism. Thus, the STS’s solution would have necessitated 9,000 PCs and 3,000 mobile phones that are already present at local administration level. Antonescu underlined that STS filed its offer to the Government a month ago, an offer ‘that could have led to the timely discovery of the vote fraud attempts.’ At the end of August, Government spokesperson Ioana Muntean stated that the electronic system for fighting against the casting of multiple votes will not be applied, ‘at least not during this autumn’s elections.’

In other developments, Prime Minister Emil Boc stated on Wednesday on the public television station that he is not aware of the EUR 1 M that PDL allegedly came up with for Traian Basescu’s electoral campaign and pointed out that the people that want to finance the Democrat-Liberals’ campaign can do so provided they respect the legal provisions, Agerpres informs. Boc also expressed his hope that Traian Basescu will enter the election race for a new term in office and pointed out that ‘a President in office does not need pre-campaigning.’

Simirad: Current PSD-PDL majority to be replaced by PDL-PNL one

After stating last week that he will back Traian Basescu’s Presidential campaign if he runs for office and calling on his colleagues from PSD Iasi to follow his example, Constantin Simirad, the President of the County Council (CJ), relapses. Simirad has recently stated that the current PSD-PDL majority within the CJ will be changed with a PDL-PNL majority next week, Mediafax informs. Simirad pointed out that given this context, Constantin Adascalitei, the current Vice-President of the County Council, will be replaced by a PNL representative. Constantin Simirad, the President of the Iasi CJ, stated that PDL and PNL could form a similar majority in the Local Council too, replacing there the already existing PSD-PDL majority. In his turn, Gheorghe Nichita, the leader of PSD Iasi and the Mayor of Iasi, stated that PSD and PDL have an agreement at the local level and that this issue was not tackled within the coalition.

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