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May 24, 2022

Politicians booed at Tebea, on Avram Iancu’s commemoration

The people that attended the events at Tebea, Hunedoara County, booed the representatives of the political parties present at the commemoration of Avram Iancu yesterday.

PSD President Mircea Geoana was booed by several persons from the group of PRM sympathizers while he was giving his speech. ‘Unity, dignity, patriotism and faith in God. Strong and serious voices were heard in preceding years here, such as the voice of former Senator Adrian Paunescu whom I would like to salute today although he is not present here. I was talking about an important thing: everybody is waiting for answers to the crisis. To the ones that come here only to engage in election campaigning, I tell you that Avram is there, he judges us and he will punish us,’ Geoana said while being booed by some of the participants.

The PD-L representatives were also booed. The Democrat-Liberals from Hunedoara, who included Tiberiu Iacob Ridzi, the PD-L Mayor in Petrosani, were also welcomed with jeers. The crowd could be heard shouting ‘Thieves! Thieves!’

Approximately 2,000 persons attended the events organized in Tebea, Hunedoara County. Senate Speaker Mircea Geoana, PRM President C.V. Tudor, PNG President Gigi Becali, the delegates of Parliamentary parties and County and local officials attended the events. Wreaths were placed at the tomb of Avram Iancu and a religious service was held.

Over 200 policemen and gendarmes were part of the security detail organized for the even that marks 160 years since the 1848 Revolution and 137 years since the death of Avram Iancu.

President Traian Basescu was also expected to arrive in Tebea during the afternoon. In the morning Basescu had been at Roman where he attended the ceremony occasioned by the raise of the Roman Bishopric to the status of Archbishopric.

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