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December 4, 2021

Diaconescu: Relationship with President is normal but does not excel

The Foreign Minister has stated in an interview for NewsIn, quoted by ziare.com, that he is preparing an assessment of his mandate.

‘We have decided to review this mandate in the following days; I don’t know if this is a signal that the mandate should end or not, but there are some aspects that I would like to underline in front of the Romanian society, precisely so that the citizens will understand that we have certain commitments,’ Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu stated in an interview. Asked whether this review has something to do with the approaching elections and with the uncertainty of later developments, the Minister answered that from his point of view ‘the aspects having to do with personal outlook are not important.’ Asked about his relation with President Traian Basescu, Diaconescu gave assurances that ‘we are talking about normalcy,’ but that one cannot talk about ‘excellence in a certain direction.’ Giving an example, Diaconescu has admitted that he did consult that President last week when he canceled his trip to The Hague and then reconsidered his decision; however he did not reveal the exact timing of that consultation.

Referring to Romania’s European Commissioner portfolio, the Minister explained that a national policy is important ‘apart from direct party policy.’ ‘I believe that the political fight in Romania is enough, I don’t believe it makes sense now, especially when we’re talking about sensitive issues having to do with national interest, to import the political fight from other European institutions to our country,’ Diaconescu stated.

A probable high-level visit to Russia continues to be uncertain. Cristian Diaconescu hopes to meet with his Russian counterpart Serghei Lavrov this month in New York on the occasion of the UN General Assembly meeting, in order ‘to conduct another evaluation’ and to see ‘how things stand at this moment.’ In the opinion of the Romanian Foreign Minister, the important thing is to issue a political signal. For the ‘thaw’ of relations with the Republic of Moldova Romania is waiting for the appropriate signals from the new Government in Chisinau, with the Foreign Minister giving assurances that ‘the gestures of the return to normalcy won’t be delayed by the Romanian side.’ The Foreign Minister also talked about his recent visit to China and underlined that ‘few countries in the world can enjoy China’s political signal in what concerns the openness of the market’ as Romania does at this moment.

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