Cozmanca retires from PSD

Former Social-Democrat leader Octav Cozmanca has announced yesterday through an open letter addressed to the ‘PSD members and constituencies’ that he retires from the party, arguing that PSD is no longer a left-wing party and that since April 2005 it has lacked an authentic leader, being led instead by ‘groups of interests.’ I have nothing in common with the individuals that have betrayed and privatized the party, the individuals that are thirsty for power, that are political adventurers and that sacrifice PSD in order to satisfy their personal but also family and group interests, namely the interests of their wives, husbands, children, mothers-in-law, mistresses, members of the underworld, mafia members,’ Cozmanca writes in the open letter, quoted by Mediafax.

Cozmanca adds that he plans to create the National Alliance of Democratic Left-Wing Forces ‘if PSD does not return to being the main political force in Romania.’

In reply, PSD President Mircea Geoana stated that there is freedom of expression in Romania, that it is a pity that five years had to pass before Octav Cozmanca retired from the party and that it would have been more natural for him to make his announcement within the party. PSD honorary president, Ion Iliescu said that Cozmanca’s attack, right at the beginning of the electoral campaign, clears the coast for Traian Basescu.

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