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June 22, 2021

Minister Nemirschi free of criminal pursuit

One more step in the parliamentary inquiry connected with environment minister Constantin Nemirschi (PSD), suspected of having granted without public tender, this spring, an advertising contract worth EUR 500,000 to the firm Best Advertising. The plenum of the Chamber adopted on Tuesday, with only eight abstentions, the report of the parliamentary commission of investigation, through which it is recommended to notify several state institutions, but without referring to the beginning of the criminal pursuit of the minister, as his political opponents expected. The Deputies only request eight state institutions – Court of Audit, Financial Squad, National Authority for the regulation and monitoring of public acquisitions, Finance Ministry, Competition Council, Office for the prevention and combating money laundering – to start verifications at the Environment Ministry. During the plenum meeting, PDL Deputy Petru Calian, member of the commission, insisted to send the file to the National Anticorruption Division (DNA) invoking a document of the Financial Squad from September 9 through which the Deputies were informed that DNA announced the Financial Squad that “acts preceding the beginning of the criminal pursuit are carried out.”

“Subject to this document we can conclude that the acts preceding the criminal pursuit against the authority have already started. Consequently, we consider that this report must be forwarded also to DNA in order to take a stand over the lawfulness and the running of this transaction,” Calian said, in the presence of environment minister Nicolaie Nemirschi, who preferred to remain silent.

But the session president, Daniela Popa (PSD+PC) did not submit this proposal to the vote of the plenum.

“Nemirschi” parliamentary commission was set up at the end of June, at the proposal of PDL and PNL parliamentary groups, with the purpose to investigate the way in which the Environment Ministry assigned in April the contract regarding the campaign of promotion of the Environment Sectoral Operational Programme Lot II Distribution/Publication, through negotiation without participation announcement.

Also yesterday, the parliamentary commission of investigation met to check the amounts spent by Tourism Ministry (“Udrea” commission), but the conclusions were not released until the closing of the edition of our newspaper.

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