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February 9, 2023

Survey: Romanians approve legalization of prostitution, against light drugs

Over half of the Romanians, 53 per cent, declare themselves in favour of the legalization of prostitution, while an even bigger percentage are against the legalization of the consumption of light drugs, reveals an eResearch Corp survey, released yesterday and quoted by Mediafax. The research was conducted during September 24-25. According to the results of the opinion poll, 58.5 per cent of the respondents express their disagreement with the proposal to legalize the consumption of light drugs. Those who still support such a legislative initiative, meaning 34 per cent of the Romanians, are in a proportion of 62 per cent men, or “persons from the post-December generation,” with ages between 18 and 34 – 47 per cent.

As for the legalization of prostitution, this proposal enjoys a more permissive attitude, 56 per cent of the respondents being for it. “This attitude can be explained through the perception of prostitution as `a necessary evil`,” the authors of the opinion poll say.

According to the statistical data, those who tend to agree with the legislative initiative which refers to prostitution are chiefly men – 57 per cent – with ages between 18 and 44 – 64 per cent, married – 54 per cent.

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