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July 3, 2022


The sixth edition of Funk Rock Hotel in October

The sixth edition of Funk Rock Hotel brings back, on October 17, on the stage of the club Silver Church from Bucharest, outstanding names such as Les Elephants Bizarres, AB4, Aria Urbana, The Moood and The Prostitutes (the Czech Republic). Les Elephants Bizarres joined forces in 2007, with the declared purpose to make a “funny music” created for their soul. With a strong indie-alternative sound, marked by punk influences, Les Elephants Bizarres started with the right foot on the domestic musical scene, drawing the attention, after only a few appearances in clubs from Bucharest, of the music specialists and of the public through the new style and the funky vibe of the live performances. AB4 is a rock band which, besides the recent album and many concerts, got involved also in projects like the soundtrack for short reel films with hip-hop groups (Verdikt). Soundgarden, Nirvana, Alice In Chains Sonic Youth or the newly arrived Blink, 182, Limp Bizkit have contributed involuntarily to the formation and building of the domestic band AB4. Silently tormented riffs, almost rusty voices and staggering noises blend harmoniously giving a final sound simply called “Toxic.”

Stirbei Palace to host art galleries or luxury shops

Stirbei Palace, one of the oldest buildings in Podul Mogosoaiei area, will be rehabilitated, and will host art galleries, luxury shops, coffee shops and old book shops, according to a press release remitted by Links Associates. A new building will be erected behind it, which will be a multifunctional space, with flats, commercial spaces and cinemas.

In the elaboration of the plans, the specialists drew inspiration from major European cities, where the patrimony buildings, owned by private persons, were turned in office spaces, commercial or cultural spaces, preserving the initial style and architectural characteristics. “Through the reintroduction of this building in the cultural and public circuit, the city and its inhabitants will have very much to win. Stirbei Palace will become the center of many of the important activities of Bucharest. The achievement of the project will be more than a personal success, it will redefine the life style from Bucharest, that we have expected for over 20 years,” Vlad Arsene, architect of the plan of the new Stirbei Palace said.

Painting exhibition, signed Caterina Annovazzi, to be opened on Friday

A painting exhibition, called “Mysterium Conjunctionis” signed by the plastic artist of French origin Caterina Annovazzi, will be opened on Friday on the premises of the Association Elite Art Club UNESCO from Bucharest. A reflection of a profound introspective life, a defining artistic expression for Caterina Annovazzi is the abstract painting, the elimination of the subject of the painting in favour of the essence, of the abstract landscape (landscapes of the sea, representations of the cosmos with nebula, comets, solar explosions). This theme is associated with mixed techniques based on ink-lacquer, pigments, binding agents, and marble powder.

A graduate of the plastic art school from Lyon, and of the Conservatoire Libre du Cinema Francais, Paris (audiovisual section), member of the group “Realite Seconde” of Andre Sable, “Salon Comparaisons,” Grand Palais, Caterina Annovazzi was awarded the silver medal by Arts-Sciences-Lettres, Paris, and the Grand Prix of Saint-Malo, and other numerous regional prizes.

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High Court appoints five judges to BEC

Five High Court judges – Hermina Ana Iancu, Gheorghita Lutac, Georgeta Teodorescu, Maura Olaru and Danut Cornoiu – were appointed as members of the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) yesterday, with the BEC president to be chosen from among the five within 24 hours.

BEC needs to be completed with the president and vice-president of the Standing Electoral Authority and with a representative of each parliamentary political party before Friday, and with representatives of parties that are not in the Parliament but which have candidates in the presidential elections before November 1.

CNA approved norms for the campaign held in the audiovisual

The National Council of the Audiovisual (CNA) approved on Tuesday the decision regarding the norms subject to which the electoral campaign for the election of the President of Romania will be carried in the audiovisual, ‘Gardianul’ reports. According to the decision, the candidates will address requests to the stations between October 15 and 22, such stations establishing between October 22 and 31 the time allotted to the electoral programmes and informing subsequently CNA about their decisions. The electoral campaign will be carried in the radio and TV media between October 23, 00.00 h., and November 21, 07.00 h. The candidates may only appear in promotional programmes, talk-shows and informative programmes, while those who hold public offices have access also to other programmes, but only in connection with the exercise of their respective offices. The electoral clips many not contain “assertions or images that can affect the human dignity, the honour, the private life of the person, the right to his own image, or which are against morals.”

UDMR’s presidential runner to launch candidacy on Monday

The Hungarians’ Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) will launch their candidate for president, Kelemen Hunor, on Monday, October 5, in Arad, within a show of homage called ‘Pages of the nation’s history’, Realitatea TV informs. ‘Mr. Kelemen Hunor will be in Arad as of October 5, to participate in the commemorative events held in the Park of Reconciliation and at the Obelisk erected to the memory of the 13 generals killed in the 1848-1849 revolution,’ UDMR Arad President Kiraly Andras said.

The leaders of UDMR Arad also announce they have mobilised over 200 volunteers who will be collecting the 10,000 signatures the county branch of UDMR needs to gather to support Kelemen’s candidacy.

National UDMR leaders are expected to the events in Arad, alongside local officials and guests from Hungary, including the environment minister, the chief of the general staff and a secretary of state from the Foreign Ministry.

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RON continues appreciation

The RON has significantly appreciated in the first part of the day, with the dealers suspecting the indirect intervention of the National Bank of Romania (BNR), and the reference exchange rate dropped for the sixth consecutive session to RON 4.1851/EUR, the lowest level in the last four months. The exchange rate posted on Tuesday is RON 0.0102 smaller than the one posted on Monday (RON 4.1953/EUR, the lowest level in the last three months). The dealers claim that the RON’s evolution was not influenced by the BNR’s decision to reduce the monetary policy interest rate by 0.5 points to 8 per cent, but rather by the central bank’s indirect intervention on the market, an intervention exerted through the sale of EUR. Financial analyst Bogdan Baltazar states that the moments of political and economic vulnerability, such as the crisis within the PSD-PDL governing coalition, are accompanied by the speculators’ attacks on the RON.

Confidence in Romanian economy improves slightly

The population’s and the companies’ perception of the economy has slightly improved in September, standing at 62.4 points down from 62.6 points in August, with Romania being the 23rd within the EU in an Economic Sentiment Indicator table compiled by the European Commission. In August Romania ranked 20th, remaining stable compared to July. Of the five indicators included in the ESI, Romania has registered a worsening of the consumer confidence, with the evolution being positive in the industry, services, retail or construction sectors indicators, the EC’s Business and Consumer Survey study shows.

Employers accept minimum salary hike to RON 650-750

The employers have proposed the hiking of the minimum salary up to RON 650-750, however with a condition: the other salaries should be frozen until the end of the economic crisis. The labour unions however ask for the debate on this issue to take into account the salary policy in Romania, Mediafax informs. The employers have explained that the hiking of the gross minimum salary to RON 705 would mean a hike of 18 per cent for the public sector and one of 14 per cent for the private sector, the latter being unsustainable.

CC proposes elimination of some retail taxes

The Competition Council (CC) has proposed, following an investigation conducted within the retail market, the elimination of taxes such as the tax meant to cover the expansion expenditures, the tax meant to cover the risk of failing to sell products and the elimination of the most favored client clause. At the same time the CC will finish this autumn an investigation within the bread market, with one of the institution’s suspicions being the existence of agreements between several producers accused of forming a cartel, Bogdan Chiritoiu, the president of the CC, stated on Tuesday in a press conference.

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