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December 4, 2021

Emperor of Japan’s nephew to take part in Aikido demonstration in Botosani

Soke Keido Yamaue, the nephew of the Emperor of Japan, will take part from October 2 to October 4 in a martial arts show at Botosani’s ‘Elisabeta Lipa’ Hall.

The action, organized by the ‘Nippon’ Martial Arts Association, will end on Sunday at noon with an Aikido demonstration.

Sensei Soke Keido Yamaue is the founder and president of the International Bujutsu University, 10 dan Yamaue Ryu Aikijutsu and 10 dan North Shaolin Kung Fu. He started to learn the Judo technique from his father Yamaue Motoi, a teacher and member of the Japanese Olympic Committee. He practiced Nippon Shirinji Kempo, a combination of Kung Fu and Daito-Ryu. He learnt the Dayto-Ryu techniques from Hisa Takuma, his grandfather and a renowned specialist in this field.

In 1970 he moved to Denmark where he trained with important trainers such as Nato-sensei, Judo trainer, and Tonegawa-sensei, Gensei-Ryu trainer. Subsequently he opened his own dojo. Yamaue Aiki Budo, the martial art that he practices, has a distinct character with moves based on spirals and centripetal force, factors that confer it a special place among the Aiki martial arts.

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