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December 2, 2020

The days of the Hispanic film in Bucharest

Cervantes Institute from Bucharest invites the film lovers to a week of Hispanic films. Between October 9 and 15, at Cinema Studio, can be seen films made in the ‘00s, belonging to interesting, known and awarded directors from the Latin-American space, such as Enrique Fernandez, Ernesto Contreras or Patricia Fereira, Iciar Bollain, Juan Carlos Falcon or Rafa Cortes.

Taking place under the title of “Days of Hispanic Film,” the event opens on Friday, October 9, at 19.00 h., with the film “Una novia errante” (Argentina 2006, director Ana Katz). The hosts of the opening gala, those who will speak about the film and about the whole programme, will be Juan Carlos Vidal, director of Cervantes Institute from Bucharest, and the Spanish host, director Daniel Katz.

Like in the previous years, the first four films come from the section “Cine en Construccion” of the International Film Festival from San Sebastian, while the other feature films from the programme are recent productions.

Some of the films that can be seen during the event are “El bano del papa” (Uruguay, 2007), “Parpados azules” (Mexico, 2007), “La punta del Diablo” (Argentina-Venezuela-Uruguay, 2006), “Bajo las estrellas” (Spain, 2007), “Noviembre” (Spain, 2002).

“Para que no me olvides” (Spain 2005), directed by Patricia Ferreira, will be run on the last of the Days of the Hispanic film.

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