11.6 C
May 6, 2021

It will snow after November 15

According to the weather forecast of the National Meteorological Administration (ANM), October comes with maximum temperatures above the normal values for this period, November will bring more rain in the northern half of the country, while in December the precipitations will be above average in the Center and Northeast. In October, the highs will frequently exceed 25 degrees C, while in the coldest nights the lows can fall below -8 degrees C. In November, the West of the country will shiver more than the remaining regions, because in that area the temperatures will be lower than the averages of the month. The maximum temperatures can frequently exceed 20 degrees C in the South of the country, while the minimum temperatures can reach 10 degrees C below zero, especially in depressions. According to meteorologists, the northern half of the territory will have precipitations above the normal limit, while the first snow will fall in the second half of the month, in the hill and mountain areas. December 2009 comes with fine weather and temperatures which tend to exceed the normal limit, especially in the field regions, where, in the warm periods, the highs may exceed 15 degrees C. At the opposite pole, in the cold nights, the lows will fall towards -20 degrees C. According to ANM, it will snow especially in the Center and Northeast of the country.

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