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January 22, 2022

Minimum pay of RON 740 from 2010

Having held talks with union confederation leaders, caretaker Labour Minister Gheorghe Pogea resolved to also call the delegates of employers associations for talks on the minimum salary. ‘We agree in principle with the minimum salary in the economy to rise, yet we also need to ask the relevant opinion of employers’ associations,’ Realitatea.net quoted Pogea as saying. The interim minister said talks with unions centered on the minimum salary, to go up to RON 740 in 2010. No ceiling will be the case in the blanket pension law. The very high pensions will get to 40-50 per cent of their current value,’ Labour State Secretary Mihai Seitan said in his turn. The interim labour minister also said that ‘unions came up with a list of six demands: a minimum salary increase, renegotiating the law package for which government took responsibility in Parliament, developing national economy and economic investments, the pact on job creation, ensuring social protection to jobless workers and the drafting of a blanket pension law in Romania. The list was complemented with yet another demand: tackling black labour market, an issue we also put on the agenda.’

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