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July 26, 2021


FRF denies that Mircea Sandu will have surgery in Austria

The Romanian Football Federation (FRF) denies the information published by a central daily regarding the health condition of President Mircea Sandu, who allegedly has a colon tumor and is going to have surgery in Austria. According to a FRF press release, Mircea Sandu has not been in Austria and will go to Belgrade together with the national team for the match with Serbia, in WC 2010 preliminaries. “Contrary to speculations, he has not gone even once to Austria, being daily in the Football House, where he works and fulfills his attributions. Among others, he has given today an interview to the channel GSP TV. Obviously, FRF president will go to Belgrade, together with our national team for the match against Serbia, not as is impudently lied in the above mentioned newspaper, “to have a surgical operation,” reads FRF press release.

Ioan Becali: An important offer
for Mutu will be analyzed

The former agent Ioan Becali declared that the Romanian forwarder Adrian Mutu could leave in January AC Fiorentina, if the Romanian footballer and also the club from Florence receive an important offer, ‘Corriere dello Sport’ reports. “Now Mutu feels all right in Florence, where he has a good contract, but an important offer will arrive in January both for the club and the player, and then we shall analyze it together. However, the important thing in this important moment is a happy end for the fine problem, in order that the player may be focused and play at a high level,” Becali stressed on Radio Fiesole.

Romania ranked 10 in the women’s epee event at the Fencing WC

Tuesday, the Romanian team classified tenth out of 22 participants at the Fencing World Championships from Antalya, after it lost in front of the representatives of Poland and South Korea in the women team epee events, the official site of the competition informs. The Romanian team, consisting of Mihaela Bulica, Elena Munteanu, Bianca Pascu and Andreea Pelei won in the first round the meeting with Kazakhstan, and then lost the second round with Poland. In the tournament for the places 9-16, the Romanian women team defeated Spain and Hungary, but lost in front of South Korea.

Edina Gallovits qualified in the second round at Troy

The tennis player Edina Gallovits, no. 1 series head, qualified on Tuesday in the second round of the challenger tournament from Troy (USA), with prizes totaling USD 50,000, itftennis.com informs. In the inaugural round, Gallovits defeated, by the score of 6-0, 6-1, Karolyn Grymel (Germany), beneficiary of a wild-card, and will play in the next stage of the competition against the winner of the match between Meng Yuan (China), a player coming from the qualifications, and Nicole Riner (Switzerland).

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Methanol tanker overturns, traffic disrupted

A tanker carrying methanol overturned on National Route 7, in Valcea County, yesterday morning, blocking traffic in the area for several hours. Moreover, authorities isolated the area because the tanker might have exploded. After several hours, the tanker was removed and traffic was resumed. The tanker, carrying 22 tonnes of methanol, was licensed in Slovakia, according to police sources quoted by Mediafax. Preliminary investigations show the driver failed to adjust vehicle speed when taking a curve, lost control of the wheel and the vehicle smashed into a concrete railing and then overturned. Upon impact, the driver suffered head and chest trauma and is not admitted at the Valcea County Hospital.

Plane makes
emergency landing after passenger dies

A Boeing 777 run by Air France made an emergency landing on Henri Coanda Airport on Tuesday night after one of its passengers died on board, a spokesperson for the airport, Valentin Iordache, said yesterday. The spokesperson explained that the plane took off in Paris and was heading to Singapore but was forced to land at Otopeni because an 85-year-old passenger went into cardiac arrest. The man was declared dead after the plane landed. During the night, passengers remained in the business terminal of Henri Coanda Airport and were then taken to hotels, until Air France reschedules their flight, according to Iordache, quoted by Mediafax.

Traffic restrictions on Oct 10-Nov 10 in Baneasa area

Traffic restrictions will be in effect in the area surrounding the Baneasa underground passageway starting from October 10, until November 10, according to Realitatea TV. The traffic restrictions will be enforced to allow the completion of works on Baneasa passageway. In this period, drivers will no longer be allowed to cross National Route 1, the Transport Ministry announced. Thus, vehicles will not be able to cross DN1 at the following crossroads: DN1 – Ion Ionescu de la Brad Boulevard – Aerogarii Boulevard and DN1 – Constantin Dobrogeanu Gherea Street – Elena Vacarescu Street.

Medical assistance by year end, key
priority of new state secretary

Professor Doctor Adrian Streinu Cercel, who was named state secretary in the Health Ministry on Monday, said yesterday that his key priority is to make sure the health care system works by the end of the year, given the problems hospitals are facing in terms of funding, Agerpres reports. At a forum on chronic disease management and challenges of the 21st century, Streinu Cercel also talked about the upcoming new flu vaccination campaign, saying that all first grade students have to be vaccine to prevent a greater spread of the virus.

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BNR lends RON 15 bn to banks

The Romanian Central Bank (BNR) yesterday performed two repo operations through which it injected RON 15 bn into the inter-bank market, Mediafax informs. The loans have a two-day maturity. It was the first time this year that the Central Bank has made two such operations on the same day. Twenty-one banks participated in the first operation borrowing RON 11 bn and paying 8 per cent interest – equal to the current key-interest. The second repo operation involved ten banks that borrowed RON 4 bn.

Romania – 6th in EU subject
to economic decline

Romania ranks 6th in EU subject to the economic decline registered in Q2, of 8.7 per cent, compared to the same period of the past year, Eurostat informs. The economy declined in Q2 by 8.7 per cent against the same period of 2008 and by 1.1 per cent vs. the first three months of this year, according to the revised data presented on September 1 by the National Institute of Statistics. Of the 27 countries present in the report of the statistical bureau of the European Commission, Poland alone reported an economic growth in the period April-June, of 1.4 per cent, compared to the same period from 2008, level unchanged compared to the initial analysis. The economic decline projections were improved for Belgium, Estonia Latvia, Hungary and Sweden, while the estimates for Greece, The Netherlands, and Austria were worsened. For the EU, Eurostat modified upward the economic decline estimate, from 4.8 per cent to 4.9 per cent, while the projection for the Euro zone, a region which includes the biggest economies from Europe, the projection was adjusted from 4.7 per cent to 4.8 per cent.

Coca-Cola HBC invests EUR 45 M in warehouse and heat co-generation station in Ploiesti

Yesterday, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC) opened a heat co-generation station in Ploiesti, the first of the series of 15 to be developed in 12 different countries, according to a company press release. Coca-Cola HBC says the new station is energy efficient and will cut carbon dioxide emissions by more than 20 per cent. The Coca-Cola bottling operator also announced the opening of a fully automated warehouse in Ploiesti, the first of its kind in Romania. The company’s investment in the co-generation station and in the warehouse amounts to EUR 45 M. The co-generation station has been developed in partnership with energy company ContourGlobal, the two companies having announced the opening of three similar facilities this year.

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Democrat-Liberals endorses Basescu’s term candidacy

After a session of the Democrat-Liberal Party’s Leading College yesterday, party leader and Prime Minister Emil Boc unanimously endorsed the candidacy of President Traian Basescu for a second term. Boc said that when making this decision, PDL first of all took into consideration “the accomplishments reported” during Basescu’s first term and the current head of state’s wish to modernize Romania and carry out reform processes. Basescu was not invited to the session, Boc said.

NO to referendum

The lawyer senators issued a negative report to the government ordinance for the modification and completion of Law no. 3/2000 regarding the organisation and development of the referendum, six PSD, PNL and UDMR senators taking a stand in favour of its rejection, while PNL cast the votes “for” it. The proposal to reject the ordinance was made by the Liberal senator Ioan Ghise. The president of the legal commission, Toni Grebla (PSD), declared during the debates from the commission that the emergency ordinance of the Government is signed by PM Emil Boc and the secretary general of the Government, “which apparently did not have the quality” to do it, and the president of the National Institute of Statistics and the Public Finance Ministry. “We don’t have signatures from the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Administration and Interior, with essential attributions in this case,” the PSD Senator added. He estimated that the governmental ordinance is “an exceeded possible legislative delegation by the Executive,” that it is made with the purpose to disrupt the electoral process, is non-constitutional and does not justify in any case the emergency character.

Romanian-Magyar common gov’t meeting deferred for H1 2010

The Romanian and Hungarian Governments agreed to postpone for the first half of the next year the joint meeting scheduled for the end of this week, further to a discussion between PM Emil Boc and his Hungarian counterpart, Gordon Bajnai, diplomatic sources declared to Mediafax agency. “The two premiers had a discussion in which they agreed to reschedule the joint governmental meeting for the first half of the next year, at a date to be established,” the quoted sources said. According to them, the meeting is postponed “for technical reasons,” because allegedly the two parties did not agree over the agenda of the meeting. The fifth joint meeting of the Romanian and Hungarian Governments had to be organised in Bucharest on October 10.

The latest meeting was organised in October last year, at Szeged, Hungary.

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EP President
backs Bucharest for
agriculture portfolio

The president of the European Parliament, the Pole Jerzy Buzek, says in an interview to HotNews.ro that a rapprochement of Romania and Poland is welcome. “The first step would be the support given to Bucharest to obtain the portfolio of agriculture from the European Commission,” Buzek declared. Asked about the special partnership between Romania and Poland and if it is possible to speak about cooperation for the support granted by Poland to obtain the portfolio of agriculture in the European Commission, Buzek said: “We have a common past and there is a common future in front of us. I appreciate the initiatives of the member states which want a closer cooperation, because this would help the European project to advance. In this case, not only Poland, but also France support the candidacy of a Romanian for the position of commissioner on agriculture. But the final decision belongs to the president of the Commission.” Referring to the priorities of the mandate of the new EP president, these are to overcome the economic crisis, the Eastern Partnership, and the energy security, or migration.

Chinese vice
in Romania

The Chinese vice president, Xi Jinping, began on Wednesday a diplomatic tour of two weeks in which he will visit five states members of the European Union – Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania, the New China agency reports, taken over by Mediafax. Xi Jinping is paying these visits at the invitation of the Belgian premier Herman Van Rompuy, the German chancellor Angela Merkel, the Bulgarian vice president Angel Marin, the Hungarian president Solyom Laszlo, and the president of Romania, Traian Basescu.

1,256 voting centers in Bucharest

1,256 voting centers will be opened in Bucharest for the Presidential elections, 1,222 of them being permanent voting centers, with the rest being special voting centers.

Until September 30, 1,790,727 voting-age persons have been registered in Bucharest, according to the updated information from the Census Database Management Service.

ICCJ drops stress bonus trial

The High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) Wednesday dropped its case in the Bucharest Court of Appeals demanding that the Finance Ministry pay salaries for July and August including the stress bonus, after the ICCJ employees got their pay last Friday, and the 50 per cent bonus. The Finance Ministry has been compelled through final rulings by the Supreme Court to pay magistrates the 50 per cent bonus, as the ministry’s refusal to okay the payment of the risk and neuropsychic stress bonus and the confidentiality bonus lacked legal grounds.

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