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March 30, 2023

50 pc of Romanians dissatisfied with Romanian Education, study says

According to a study conducted by GfK Romania, half of the Romanians are dissatisfied with the state of the Romanian Education and approximately 40 per cent have a neutral stance on this issue, while only 13 per cent are satisfied. The Romanians’ opinion about the contemporary Education System are more negative than the ones registered 15 years ago, with 58 per cent of the respondents stating that they see a turn for the worse.

The respondents with higher education have an even more critical attitude towards the Education System, with 74 per cent of them arguing that the system’s quality is far lower than it was in the past.

On the other hand, the pupils and students are the most satisfied with the state of the Romanian Education System, with only 24 per cent of them having a negative opinion, while the rest tend to be neutral.

In what concerns the teaching staff, over 50 per cent of the respondents state that the teaching staff is well-trained, with 49 per cent opining that the teachers are well motivated to do their job.

At the same time, over 30 per cent of the respondents consider that the Romanian Education System encourages learning by heart. Almost three quarters of the Romanians also consider that the Romanian Language and Literature, Math and Foreign Language classes are the most important classes within the curriculum, followed by History and Geography. Over 35 per cent of Romanians also consider that PC-literacy is useful, especially when it comes to using software.

The study was conducted in September on a sample of 1,000 persons.

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