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August 4, 2021

Sergiu Nicolaescu starts filming comedy ‘Poker’

Film director Sergiu Nicolaescu on Tuesday started the filming of the second comedy of his career, ‘Poker’, to be released next spring, MediaPro Pictures informs.

‘Poker’ is Sergiu Nicolaescu’s second comedy after ‘New Marin Miliardar’/ ‘Uncle Marin, the Billionaire’, the most watched Romanian film ever as shown by a survey done by the Union of Romanian Film Makers.

Produced by MediaPro Pictures, ‘Poker’ is the story of four friends whose destines intersect each other in their childhood and who end up embodying representatives typologies of the current Romanian society at their maturity: the dodgy politician, the gangster who wants to be a politician by any means or the insensitive physician.

The script is written by Adrian Lustig and is an adaptation of a play that has been successfully mounted at the Bucharest Comedy Theatre for over five years. As a matter of fact, Nicolaescu has also cast some of the actors in the play – Vladimir Gaitan playing Horia, a successful plastic surgeon, Valentin Teodosiu playing senator Claudiu, as well as Jojo alias Catalina Ionescu in the lead female part Monica, formerly a prostitute ad currently the senator’s official mistress. The cast of characters is completed by Horatiu Malaele as Titel, the head of a mob clan and Ion Ritiu playing Marcel, ‘a millionaire now based in the US’, as well as a traditional winner of most poker games played by the four friends.

‘Poker’ was one of the winning scripts in the November-December 2007 season of the contest organized by the National Cinema Centre, but Nicolaescu had two other projects to complete before starting on this one. Here is what the director says about the movie: ‘I think the topic is more current than ever before and is a true reflection of reality, especially of the political reality, of Romania today’. His big regret is that the filming started a little too late to allow for the film to be released before the November presidential election as the original plan was.

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