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March 23, 2023

Government withdraws collateral worth EUR 220 – 280 M from 7 banks

Government shall withdraw collateral worth EUR 220 – 280 M from seven banks which did not provide any loans or have approved too few dossiers for the acquisition of a house within the program Prima Casa, Mediafax informs. The amounts shall be redistributed towards other banks which have approved more applications.

“We shall take the funds earmarked from these banks and we shall redistribute them towards other banks which had performed better. There are three banks which have not provided one EUR and other four which used between 0.1 per cent and 3 per cent of the funds reserved”, according to the Chair of the National Fund to Guarantee Loans for SMEs, Aurel Saramet, at the end of the talks with PM Emil Boc. Collateral accounting for 40 per cent of the amount redistributed shall be used for loans provided to newly built houses. Official houses said that the list of banks with poor results in lending within the program “Prima Casa” and from which funds would be withdraws included Emporiki, Intesa, Credit Europe, Bancpost, Piraeus and CEC. CEC Bank Chair, Radu Ghetea, said that the bank would comply a possible decision of the Government to reduce the ceiling granted to this bank. Also, the representatives of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank said that they did not provide any loans in September within “Prima Casa”, although they were approved by the bank and by the Guarantee Fund. Officials of Emporiki Bank Romania said that the institution participated further on in the program, in spite of the fact that the bank has not yet provided any loans.

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