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December 6, 2021

Mitrea: Vanghelie not the only politician using intelligence information

Social Democrat Miron Mitrea admitted that politicians were often using intelligence service information, within a talk show at Realitatea TV. His party colleague, Mayor of Bucharest District 5, Marian Vanghelie admitted, a few weeks ago, to own DGIPI archives (the intelligence unit of Ministry of Internal Affairs). “Vanghelie has DGIPI archives”, Mitrea confirmed. “Vanghelie even said that he had video cassettes. And when he says that he has video cassettes, I believe him”, Mitrea said.

The Social Democrat admits that politicians have access to intelligence service information. “He is not the only politician. We look at Vanghelie because he said something but I know that in time, politicians have searched through the information, trying to find out various things. Nevertheless, they have not always found them”, Mitrea said. Former Transportation Minister, Mitrea explained also how could one control intelligence services by politicians. “You appoint the head of the institution and then you ask him to be at your disposal”, he explained.

PSD Senator left room for one to understand that he did not regard Marian Vanghelie statements as being politically clever, which were made in September, when PSD Interior Minister Dan Nica was revoked from office by PM Emil Boc. Back then, Vanghelie said that DGIPI archives “are on good hands”, also threatening that he could come with disclosures from the intelligence service information. Vanghelie said that based on the information he had, there would be no more data at DGIPI about Traian Basescu, except for “one small piece” related to Omar Hayssan, which could pose some difficulties to the head of state.

“Now I caught Vanghelie for saying stupid things”, Mitrea added.

Inquired on how he would comment Miron Mitrea statement, PM Emil Boc indicated that these could represent “an argument in addition for the decision made in case of the former Minister of Internal Affairs”.

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