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April 18, 2021

RON at the minimum of the last six and a half months

The national currency depreciated yesterday, on the background of the political uncertainties from Romania, the National Bank of Romania (BNR) raising it by 0.64 bani, to RON 4.2840/EUR, reaching the highest level of the last six and a half months. A higher official rate, of RON 4.2924/EUR was announced by the central bank on March 24. The exchange rate published on Friday by the central bank rose only by 0.1 bani, to RON 4.2776/EUR, from RON 4.2766/EUR on the previous day. The RON depreciated on Monday against the American currency, BNR posting a quotation of RON 2.9078/USD, 0.64 bani bigger than the rate of Friday, of RON 2.9014/USD. The currencies in the region had similar evolutions. The zloty initially dropped from 4.2534 to 4.2890 versus the euro, but increased to 4.2547 afterwards, while the forint lost from 270.50 to 271.75 per EUR and then inched to 269.60. For the U.S. dollar, BNR’s exchange rate climbed 0.22 percent to RON 2.9078 per dollar, from 2.9014 in the previous session. On international markets, the U.S. dollar advanced from 1.4740 to 1.4680 per EUR and then started to slip.

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