Book of memories of National Theater director

The book “Cu Ion Caramitru de la Hamlet la Hamlet si asa mai departe” (With Ion Caramitru from Hamlet to Hamlet and so on) was launched yesterday evening, as a volume of memories in which the director of Bucharest National Theater (TNB), Ion Caramitru, speaks about his parts, about friends and non-friends, and also about the Revolution. In an interview published yesterday in “Adevarul,” Caramitru explains that the title was a suggestion of the author of the book, Mircea Morariu, and started from the fact that he played Hamlet both at the graduation examination from the theater institute, in the ‘60s, and also 20 years later, at Bulandra Theater. “Wherefrom the intention of the title, because I had the extremely rare chance to play such a complicate and defining character both in my youth years and at maturity,” Caramitru confessed in the interview. Worth noting is that “The Times” included Caramitru in the top five best interpreters of Hamlet in the world. TNB director says that he couldn’t play Hamlet any longer now, maybe only his father, nor would he dare to direct a new Hamlet performance.

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