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March 22, 2023

CSOP poll: Basescu above all rivals

President Traian Basescu is on the first place in the voting intentions of the electorate, with 37 per cent, at the elections for the supreme office in the state, according to an opinion poll of the Center for the study of public opinion and market (CSOP), published on Monday. 24 per cent of the respondents expressed their preference for Mircea Geoana (PSD), 13 per cent back the candidacy of the Liberal Crin Antonescu, 10 per cent showed their intention to vote for the independent Sorin Oprescu. According to the opinion poll, if in the second round Basescu is confronted with Geoana, 53 per cent of the respondents expressed their intention to vote for the current Head of State, while 47 per cent would sustain the Social-Democrat leader. If Basescu meets in the second round with Sorin Oprescu, he would be voted by 52 per cent of those who answered CSOP opinion poll, while the current mayor of Bucharest by 48 per cent. In the third case, Traian Basescu vs. Crin Antonescu, the President would be voted by 57 per cent of the respondents, and the Liberal by 43 per cent. The presidential initiative to organize a referendum for the restructuring of Parliament also enjoys the support of the electorate. Thus, if the referendum is organized, 82.2 per cent of the Romanians who have the right to vote would agree to reduce the number of MPs, while 0.4 per cent would be favourable to increasing the number MPs, the CSOP opinion poll says.

As for the evolution of the living standard, over 60 per cent of the interviewed answered that their personal life is much worse than last year, 35 per cent interviewed consider that their personal life is unchanged, 5 per cent that it is much better, and 1 per cent don’t know or don’t answer.

The results of the CSOP opinion poll, commissioned by PDL, are obtained on a sample of 18,348 persons with great probability of vote at the presidential elections from November 22, 2009, and present an error margin of +/- 0.7 per cent.

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