Over 8,000 pilgrims rallied in Iasi for St Parascheva feast

The Orthodox believers celebrated yesterday Saint Parascheva. The religious center was at Iasi, where thousands of pilgrims rallied to pray to the relics of the miracle worker. The religious service was performed this year by Teofan, metropolitan bishop of Moldavia and Bucovina, Mediafax informs.

Although the temperature dropped to almost 0 degrees in Iasi, the cold could not drive away the around 8.000 pilgrims who lined up for hours to pray to Saint Parascheva’s relics. Covered by blankets, dressed in winter jackets and with caps on the heads, the people waited quietly their turn.

After the religious service held on the esplanade in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral, the pilgrims could were served a traditional meal.

The feast for the pilgrims is organized every year in Iasi on October 14, when Saint Parascheva is celebrated, and hundreds of people attend the religious service. The Metropolitan Bishop of Bukovina, His Holiness Teofan, said after yesterday’s Holy Liturgy officiated at the Metropolitan cathedral, that the tens of thousands of pilgrims gathered in Iasi taught a lesson of patience, braving the cold and rain for hours on end to worship the holy relics of Saint Parasheva.

Bishop Teofan told the tens of thousands of faithful gathered in the Metropolitan yard that ‘a good portion of this country traveled to Iasi to worship the relics of Saint Parascheva,’ which implied braving the cold and rain, and much patience, more than anything else.

Teofan said the second lesson offered in Iasi these days is that of the holy relics of Saint Parascheva and Saint Vasile the Great.

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